Love on display @ Home Depot

By: CityFella

Check In times at most hotels is after 2pm.  But what if you need a room sooner?   Your not looking for anything special, no rooms with a view, no internet , air conditioning nah.  You simply need a room and a room right now.

20 year old Emily Taylor or Jessica Anna Craig and 31 Shawn Bowden found a cute little hideaway at the North Charleston, South Carolina Home Depot.    Check in time was whenever and the space was quaint and airy and it met their needs.

Someone at the store noticed the couple(@8:30am) entering the shed (apparently they didn’t check in at the front desk) and closing the door behind them and the police was called.

After arriving, the officer inspected the display sheds and found the couples love shed hideaway.

Emily Jessica Emily had her dress untied ,hanging at her waist.  Shawn was shirtless and his pants was below his knees with his goodies exposed. (air drying?)

Emily Taylor or Jessica Anna? 

During the interview, the woman told the police her name was Jessica Anna Craig.  By the end of the day the police learned she was Emily Taylor Craig .

The couple was charged with disorderly conduct and being a nuisance at Home Depot.

Emily was also charged for false ID and Shawn was charged with indecent exposure.

(the goodie thing)

(Wonder if they will reduce the price of the love shed?)

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