UAE:Parents drag kids to court for revenge

By:Ahmed Shaaban/Khaleej Times Dubai

A divorced mother who taught her daughter to dance and then posted private pictures of the girl online in order to blackmail the girl’s father is one of the 63 family disputes seen this year by the RAK Courts.


Jassim Al Makki , Head of the Family Counseling Section at the RAK Courts, said some separated fathers and mothers involved their children in their unending family disputes.  “They insist on dragging them to court out of revenge and grudge, and to release their anger, ignoring the traumatic experience they put their children through.”

His section processed 63 family disputes from January to August this year, he said. “The divorced fathers and mothers approached the court for child custody approval or disapproval, as well as children alimony requests.”

We have received 13 applications for dropping child maintenance, against 50 requests for taking custody from the other parent, he noted.

Al Makki said some disputing fathers and mothers had come up with unusual techniques and tricks, and insisted on involving their children in their litigation to take revenge on each other.

“Among the cases reported was a case where a father complained that his (former wife) taught their daughter how to dance, took some private pictures of her, and uploaded them on the internet to blackmail him and give him a hard time.”

Al Makki urged litigating parents to keep their children out of their disputes to protect them from psychological and social problems, apart from poor academic performance.

“Such a harmful impact is hard to overcome, and needs urgent action from all concerned, particularly disputing parents, to avoid complicating problems in the future.” Earlier, Al Makki toldKhaleej Times that the Reconciliation Committee of the RAK Courts he is presiding over, saw many family disputes in the first eight months of the year, including 58 in the holy month of Ramadan.

“The staff counsellors working with the committee have determined 1,066 reasons that mostly lead to family disputes.”

The Reconciliation Committee, formed in 1993, helps the RAK courts by saving time and confronting all those involved in any case in an unofficial way.

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