The Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale “Broke down, Busted Boring

By Cityfella

The episode that began with drama, fizzled out leaving views wanting their hour back.

With no where to hide Teresa was busted. Every one heard Penny Karagiorgis, say Teresa set her up last year to destroy Melissa.  Penny and her husband Johnny knew too much detailed information  to be ignored..  Penny claims Teresa specifically asked her to talk smack about the Gorgas.

Penny  not don, tells her to get Kim D.,

(Note: Kim D has to have a cauldron  somewhere. because she seems to be within inches of all the fights. Caroline Manzo had an epiphany during the confrontation-I’ll get to her later)

Teresa screams across the crowded store for Kim D. (wonder if D is for Devilwoman?)   Suddenly, Penny’s husband Johnny appears and gives Kim D a kiss (Like don’t worry lil darlin,I got cho back)  and then confronts Joe.  Joe already burning ,gets in Johnny’s face about his tweets about his wife”Ask your sister where it stems from,” John tells Joe. Teresa: “I told you stuff about my parents?” Penny: “Yes, you told me.”.

Caroline’s Epiphany 

It hit’s her!   The common denominator is always Kim D.,” she tells us. “For years and years and years, her hands have been dirty.”

Lauren Manzo screams at Kim D., who is apparently being restrained by another woman, “This about you!” “Oh, stop it,” Kim D. barks. “Don’t give me that, Lauren. I had nothing to do with it.

Caroline is now mega pissed, and wants to pull off’s KIm D’s face “Are you happy? Are you happy what you did to a family?” Chris Manzo put his hands over his mothers mouth.

Foul Bravo, Foul

Blood on the walls,  Sinks hurdled, extensive damage!   A stiletto to the head.

The drama, the heat was there, what was missing was video.

Jacqueline Laurita , part of the large group that have amassed around this drama, asks her husband Chris whether she should ask John about his tweets about their sons’s autism, next thing you know the camera is filming the floor (Come on Bravo! really)  Next thing you hear is a ton of commotion  and then we see Joe “That’s my wife! He’s disgusting! He’s an animal!”

The rest of the show in a yawn fest.  Reflections of the evening past.  Caroline Manzo taking a walk along memory lane. The usual how are they are now.


John and Penny

This is just one outraged fan ( Waring language) The blogestfear is filled of individuals who shares his feelings. (maybe not as nasty)   Peggy=Penny

Bravo You’ve Failed Us!

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