Hotel Confidential: The six week Ghost

A robbery, then a murder suicide in the first two months after the  hotel opens .  

Every fall a ghost visits the hotel.  Locked electric doors open at night,   Many of the hotel housekeepers say they have seen him on the first floor.   Some of the employees are amused others are frightened.  Trick or Treat?


1.  the will or principle or determining cause by which things in general are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do :  destiny
2 a :  an inevitable and often adverse outcome, condition, or end

   b :  disasterespecially :  death
3a :  final outcome

  b :  the expected result of normal development <prospectivefate of embryonic cells> 
:  the circumstances that befall someone or something <did not know the fate of her former        classmates>
plural capitalized :  the three goddesses who determine the course of human life in classical      mythology
There are quite a few hotels that line I-80 between Reno and Sacramento.  No one will never know why the quite well dressed man chose the hotel after killing his business partner in the parking lot of a Sporting Good Store in Reno. 
The Night Auditor remember him.  “Everything about him looked expensive”  He quietly checked into a room with a king size bed.
The next morning, the hotel was evacuated , Frightened guest were ask to go a near by  restaurant.   Police, Swat teams, Robots and helicopters surrounded the hotel.  Interstate 80 was temporary closed in both directions.  Local TV newscasters approached  everyone attempting to get a story.  Hotel staff said ,a view of the people who weren’t guest were giving complete eye witness stories, including one nearly toothless man who had seen everything.
The rooms windows were broken, the swat team drilled a large hole in the walls to insert a camera  after an hour or so, the police entered the room .  The suspect, shot himself, his brain matter on the headboard and furniture.   A large pool of blood indicated he had taken his life earlier in the morning.
When the night auditor returned to the hotel , there was  a sea of police cars with flashing lights and yellow tape.   The hotel drapes were blowing through the broken glass of the hotel room.    The front desk was filled with nervous guest  wanting to check out.   Two ladies proudly said they weren’t scared because they were from Detroit.
One by one the police and members of the Sheriff department left.   One police officer said he couldn’t close the door of the crime scene and simply pushed a housekeeping cart in front of the room.      The curious night clerk asked the officer how did the room look?  A lot of brain matter and blood.   He decided against going into the room.
The thought of the days events made him uneasy.  He may have been the last person to see the man alive.    The room, the crime scene being open added to his uneasiness.  The door was dented after being forced open.  With all his might. he lifted the door until it clicked.  No one is going in this room or coming out!
When you work alone, you become one with the building.  You know its creaks, and flexes, you aware of all the doors and can feel air from when they are left opened.   With the exception of a man blowing his head off, its was an ordinary night.
The night was easy, the sun would be up in an hour.  The shift was coming to a close.  He loved Sundays because his reliefs comes in early greets him with squeeze on his left shoulder and says “good morning my friend”.    The door opened, the left shoulder was squeezed the night auditor spun his chair around and no one was there.
Through the years some of the hotel staff has seen a man on the first floor.  Some has seen him in stairwell.   A few of the housekeepers , he looks vary.  Some says he looks like a regular person who suddenly vanishes   Other cant remember seeing his feet.   All agree he isn’t scary looking.   For a few weeks in October and November he visit the hotel as if its his yearly vacation spot.