If your a fan of “Top Gear” Check out ” The Fast Lane Car”

I love cars, fast cars, big cars, Cars..     I’ve had a subscription to a car magazine since I was fifteen.

There are few shows devoted to cars on TV.

Motorweek (aired on PBS) has been around for more than thirty years.   Car reviews are common place on You Tube and Vimeo .  Most are serious and authoritative .

Enter BBC’s Top Gear.  Top Gear (only available on Cable and Netflix) is fun imaginative, and very entertaining.  The music ,camera work is dramatic, engaging, seductive.  Its very clear the producers love cars. Not just high performance sports cars but basic cars like the Ford Fiesta.   However, unlike  Motorweek and most american auto magazines, there is no coddling.  This is Britain, the birthplace of Simon Cowell  and like Cowell, if the host thing  the car is a piece of garbage well, its Britain , What makes this show stand out is the chemistry with host, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Top Gear is seem in over 170 countries.  There are versions in Russia, Australia, South Korea and in its 4th season in the United States on the History Channel.

Not feeling the US Version.

With the advent of the internet there are ten of thousands of channels. All of the major automotive magazines have a You Tube Channel,in addition to the magazines there are other independent channels devoted to the automotive industry.

In many ways The Fast Lane Car attempts to do what Top Gears does on one fifth of its budget. Unlike the BBC’s Top Gear There are two types of reviews, one I will call nice and gentle, the other is Nathan’s call. The nice and gentle reviews occurs when the automotive manufactures fly’s the nations automotive journalist to test drive their cars. Nathans call is when they are testing driving the cars on their home turf, Colorado.    The reviews are honest , they will recommend if you should Buy the car, Lease the car, Rent the car or forget the car.

The chemistry works on the Fast Lane.The team of  Publisher Roman Mica, columnist, journalist, and author,  The every man,Nathan Adler who is the senior editor and publisher and the occasional always Russian, Andre Smirnov.      Joining  Fast Lane this year is  Emme Hall from Road Fly TV.

The Fast Lane is prime time ready.   It could very well challenge Top Gear ,are you listening  CW and Fox!

You can subscribe to the Fast Lane on You Tube and AOL.

Website: http://www.tflcar.com/

Check it out!