Does Chris Brown Hate Gays?

By: CityFella

On Monday, 20 year old  Issac Adam Parker tried to jump into a photo that Chris Brown was posing for with a female fan on the sidewalk outside the W hotel in Washington DC, when the singer. reportedly said  “I’m not down with that gay shit” and “I feel like boxing,”

Last January, he had an altercation with gay singer Frank Ocean in the parking lot the Westlake Recording studio in West Hollywood.  In the police report  Ocean heard someone use a gay slur during the fight ( he could not confirm if it was Chris Brown or a member of his entourage)   Ocean did not press charges.


Last summer, there was an explicit photo of Chris Brown having sex with two men.  The pic went viral on Twitter.   The authenticity  of the picture came into question as there are many altered and photo shopped pictures on the blogosphere .

Brown allegedly had sex with male R&B singer Martyn World around September 2011. The Superficial reported that Rihanna saw some direct messages from Chris Brown’s Twitter account where he spoke to World about having sex with him.

The website also alleged that Chris Brown physically assaulted Rihanna after she snooped on those messages and that Martyn World confirmed the direct Twitter messages between him and Brown.

Former R&B singer Raz-B also “outed” Brown during a heated Twitter war in which Brown used a slew of homophobic slurs.

@Chrisbrown Do you hit your boyfriend @andre_merritt like you do your women?

There are some who believe Rihanna’s the lyrics to  song “Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary” seems to detail that terrible night and possibly allude to Brown’s gay rumors.  Actor, James Dean, was famously known for having secret gay relationships – hence the “on the low” term used.

“Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary”

Red lipstick, rose petals, heartbreak
I was his Marilyn Monroe
Brown eyes, tuxedo, fast cars
A James Dean on the low,
Dean on the lowI ask you what’s the matter
You say, oh it’s nothing at all
Heart’s racing, outta control
And you knew that I couldn’t let it goYou used to be this boy I loved
And I used to be this girl of your dreams
Who knew the course of this one drive
Injured us fatally
You took the best years of my life
I took the best years of your life
Felt like love struck me in the night
I pray that love don’t strike twice

Christopher Maurice Brown

Money,power and celebrity.  24 year old Brown doesn’t seem to get it.  He received probation for five years.   Many in america were outraged, many believe he should have received jail time. The absence of gratitude,has infuriated many Americans.  On probation he has received  film roles and  has ,earned millions on CD sales and tours and then has temper tantrums when asked about the   Rihanna incident.

Many celebrities particularly young celebrities ,often have a false sense of the real world.  Well wishers and members of their entourage  encourage their bad behavior.  For the young, its all about independence and being in control.   They are young, strong,and invincible and the rules are meant to be obliterated.  What they learn in time ,is consequences.

Is Chris Brown Gay or homophobic?   If you listen to the street, there is smoke.   However the bigger question is.  Is he a menace to society?  I would say yes.   The Issac Adam Parker’s comes with Celebrity,, Beating them and saying your not down with that “Gay Shit” isn’t.

Its time for some tough love.  Its time for Mister Brown to be with real people,  Its time for him to go to Jail, do not pass go, and do not collect one million dollars.

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