The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Season 6 off to a good start (It’s Gone with the wind Fabulous)



Let hope Bravo gave Kenya Moore a raise.  Last season (her first) she was drama central.  No housewife (and we will have to use the term loosely) has burst on the scene quite like Ms Moore.   She has manage to have a confrontation with nearly every person on RHOA except Gregg Leakes.

This season opened with the re-married Gregg and Nene opening up their wedding gifts, at one point Gregg had to check his wife, and remind her the gifts were for them and not her.

Reality slapped the girlwoman Porsha Steward hard  in the face.  With all the evens, she wanted to stay married to Kordell.   Even though she learned about his filling for divorce on twitter while they were both in same house.    Even though he locked her out of their house, because SHE was out too late.  Even though (we learned) he only visited her once during her week stay in the hospital after she miscarried their child.  Even though she ignored the gay rumors and he rejected her physically she wanted to stay in the marriage.  Her mother Diane said “Kordell as “the wrong damn one”   She instructed her attorney to give Kordell a list of demands  which included couples counseling to save their marriage.  Kordell Rejected the list.

Phaedra’ and Apollo got a new house and baby (yawning and moving on)

Tough being a very successful single millionaire.  Song writer, entrepreneur Kandi Burruss has the  the real bucks on Housewives.  She seems to fall in love with men who couldn’t make her car payments.   Mama Joyce has a watchful eye and looks out for her daughter.  She’s not too trusting and views current  fiance Todd Tucker as an opportunist.  Todd currently refuses to sign a prenupt.  Kandi wants a wedding,, can she turn Mama Joyce around in time.?

Just as Cynthia Bailey was settling into her modeling agency, her husband Peter Thomas uproots her and moves her to a much larger space which she’s happy about.  How so nevah ….she is unhappy he bought the space six months earlier without her consent or approval and with her bucks.   If seems familiar……Think season 3.  But that was a very different Cynthia. There is heat here.

She is gone with the wind fabulous.  Gone may be the optimal word here.  Kenya was reportedly evicted from her rental home (this made national news).   Where ever Kenya Moore went on last nights episode, there were raised voices.  First stop: Cynthia’s agency as she is moving out (come on Bravo,really?) and Kenya is put out that the ladies didn’t reach out to her in her time of need? Cynthia told her everyone had troubles. wedding, new babies etc.  Cynthia quickly reminds Kenya of the bridges she burned with all the housewives.   Cynthia invites her to a party (again Bravo really?-Who would invite trouble to their party?)

When fabulous entered the room, most of the ladies left, try to avoid her. (cause she’s trouble).  Back in the  days (a few seasons back) Nene seemed to enjoy confrontations and with her voice and Ginsu tongue she could chop and dice any comers.  But she matured, after season 4 (she said she didn’t like what she saw)

Everyone once in while you meet someone that can pull you back and on this night it was Kray Kray Kenya.   Kenya decided to go after Mrs Leakes.   Once again she started with the  old song. (no body reached out of me in my times of trouble)  Nene wasn’t gonna play (everybody got problems-next!)  She went on about Nene inviting  her “ex-boyfriend” Walter to the wedding   Then Kray Kray absolutely lost whatever mind she had  (thinking she could slow Nene roll by grabbing her face)


(NeNe is a big gurl and for a moment I thought Nene was gonna send Kenya to Jesus)

Nene to Kenya:

As a grown woman I make my own decisions. No BITCH will ever tell me who I can and can NOT talk to.  When I get ready to have an event, I’m not gonna be thinking about whether Kenya is going to uncomfortable or not.  When I have my events, I’m going to be worried about how fabulous Nene’s event is going to be.  

Last year we knew Kenya was crazy, but to take on Nene!

Nene in the confessional, said, ‘gone with the wind fabulous is clearly gone… and so is Walter.  Get you something new girl!’

Don’t Miss:  Gregg’s Reactions and comments

(You have to watch and listen closely to Gregg-his comments and reactions are short and on point and often very funny)

  The gurl has lost her mind . Which means this is gonna be good TV.


Bravo-Give the Krazy Gurl a Raise.

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