RHOA season 6 episode 2 Girl Code Breakers


I think I got it wrong.  Last week after praising the presence of Kenya Moore, I now question her relevance beyond this season.  Last season (her first) she  was drama central from her allegedly camera ready relationship with Walter to her video war with Phaedra .

Last night she was triumphant in as she successfully fought her eviction in court.   She  and  Nene had a sit down to discuss the altercation between the two of them at Cynthia’s event.   Kenya re-runs her( no one reached out to her in her time of need)  with squeaky voice and crocodile tears. (she’s an actress?)  Nene wasn’t buying it and told her in her own way, the Walter thing has gotten old and needs to be dropped.  She told Kenya she’d help Kenya find a place, but Kenya couldn’t stay with her.  NENE KEEPS IT REAL !

NeNe takes Kenya to task for breaking the “Girl Code” texting or sexting someone else’s man and suggest a sit down with the other ladies.  Who have all lined up behind Phaedra.  (If she could do it to Phaedra she could do it to the other ladies).

So the ladies got together, Kenya tripped,flipped all over her tongue and when that didn’t work, she had flash amnesia.   Phaedra on the other hand remembers… She remembers when  Kenya accused her and Apollo of having Aids and texting her man.

(From a man’s point a view….. Apollo liked the attention Kenya was giving him.  He is no longer “fresh” at home-I get it… Its nice when a pretty girl flirts with you.  He failed, when he replied to her text.  Where there is smoke………)

It’s Kordell’s world and he controls everything in it.  Too busy for his wife , he tells his lawyer to tell her lawyer that her things will be dropped off.   When he put her out, he put her out. and she can’t come back to his house. t.    Meanwhile Mr’s  Steward is broke and living with her mama.   That’s a mean ass man.

Last night we learned Cynthia has been ill for some time .It’s her fibroid s.   She is gaining weight (not a good look for a fashion model) and Peter is coming off as an ass.  Making joke as she cry’s.

When you first get married, its baby this and baby that. Your wonderful, your perfect.  After a few years, baby,wonderful, and perfect changes into why haven’t you finished it.   Phaedra and Apollo are overwhelmed, she is sleep deprived, and even though she has a nanny, she has to study and has other obligations.  Apollo is in charge of getting the house together and no matter what he does, she snips and he is feeling under appreciated.  Trouble ahead.

Kandi tries to talk to her mother about Todd. She tries to say Todd helps around the house but all her mother wants to know is if Todd can provide for her. She doesn’t want her daughter to be paying for someone for the rest of his life.  She wants her daughter to have an equal.  But Kandi tells her its isn’t easy.  Mama Joyce is not feeling Todd, she is nit picking and the two are in tears.   I haven’t chosen sides as of yet.

 I have some reservations about Todd . Kandi built her empire with her two hands. She is no Kordell, and if he loves her, he would remove this log of stress from his woman and sign the prenup.

On one hand, Mama Joyce maybe too protective of her daughter on the other hand. She has a few valid points.  Does mama knows best?

Beginning, with this post.  I will rate each episode 1 to 5   One peach says the episode is a pass.   Five peaches is a don’t miss..   Last week was a five.   This episode is a two.

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