Five reasons to date an Italian (and five not to)

 Why you should: 1) They’re beautiful. Italians live up to their reputation as being some of the most beautiful people on earth. Footballer Fabio Cannavaro, pictured here, is one of countless Italians to have captured hearts with his classic dark hair and olive skin. As well as being descendants of Roman Gods, modern-day Italians know how to look after themselves and will always look good on your arm.

Why you should: 2) It will never be boring.
Ruled by passion, Italians are – like their beloved Mount Etna – constantly ready to erupt. Your relationship will likely be unpredictable and have more peaks than the Dolomites. Luckily after every raging argument over who put too much salt in the pasta, you get to make up.

Why you should: 3) You get great holidays.
Romantics have flocked to Italy for centuries, drawn by the stunning landscapes, the wine and the sunshine. Whether you’re dating an Italian while living in the country or get to visit together, you will be treated to a private tour of one of the most captivating countries in the world.

Why you should: 4) You get to speak Italian.
Let’s face it, Italian sounds better than any other language. Dating an Italian means you’ll soon be singing the Romance language fluently, in addition to learning the all-important hand gestures which usually baffle foreigners.

Why you should: 5) Delicious dinners.
Italians are born cooks and express their love through food. This means regional specialties whisked up in minutes and dates at the best restaurants in town. Italians are also excellent at picking the perfect wine and are always on hand to make the morning coffee.

Why you shouldn’t: 1) They will always complain about the food you make and the wine you choose.  Nobody will be able to make lasagna as good as their mamma, so don’t even try, and definitely don’t suggest that your national cuisine is on a par.

Why you shouldn’t: 2) Family lunches and dinners.
You have to attend and they last longer than the Queen’s Coronation. Don’t forget the added pressure of meeting their (many) relatives, who will take a lot of convincing to believe you’re good enough for their darling.

Why you shouldn’t: 3) The drama.
Dating an Italian means you’ll be expected to indulge their constant rants, outbursts and mood swings, often food-related. It’s exhausting.

Why you shouldn’t: 4) You’ll always be on a catwalk.
Italy didn’t get its reputation as fashion capital of the world for nothing, and if your outfit isn’t up to scratch, they’ll have no problem letting you know about it.

Why you shouldn’t: 5) The cheating.
Italians aren’t exactly known for being the loyal type. Most Italians see this as the norm and don’t even bother to hide it, but it may come as a shock if you took them at their word when they declared their undying love for you.

BY: The Local/Italy