RHOA: “All in a Day’s Twerk” The Wisdom of Riley

The Real Housewives of Atlanta RECAP 11/17/13: Season 6 Episode 3 “All in a Day's Twerk”

By: CityFella

With Mom-ster Joyce back in her cave, a wounded Kandi shares the detail of the argument.  Her assistant said  he knows exactly what her mother is going through. He said her mom probably doesn’t know where she fits in. He feels the same.   He feels like he may get cut out of her slowly but surely with Todd around.

Life with Riley

Mom-ster Joyce is on a poisonous roll.  She who shouts the loudest.  In an chat with Riley, Kandi learned the truth.  Mom-ster Joyce’s words are complete fiction.   When Kandi asks Riley what she should do about Mom-ster.  Riley’s response was quick . She advises her to let her grandmother be the way she is. Once Kandi is married then no one can really say anything against Todd.

Spotlight ain’t on her honey

The spotlights off NeNe, and her star is grounded  after she learns Glee production has been pushed back  which means life in the ATL and tedious housework maybe in her immediate  future.

Peter was scoring big points  being the concerned hubby nervously waiting for Cynthia as she was having her fibroids removed.  Then he immediately loses the points and goes in deficit mode.  While she is recovering. He tells her wants more whoopi time, she had only slept with her husband every two months. Never mind she was in near constant pain…

Speaking of pain….Apollo and Phaedra on going issues are painfully boring, the only excitement came from “Mr President” spitting up on cue.  Moving on.

 I think you betta call Kordell….call him

Porsha is still pissed, Kordell just dumped her stuff into Home Depot boxes and sent them to mama.   Even the wedding dress was dumped without care. Kandi stops by Porsha’s. They have been hanging out a lot lately and Kandi has it in the back of her mind that maybe Porsha is outing up a happy façade. In the end, she did have a point. Porsha felt she had devoted a lot to her marriage and it’s hard to see everything in boxes.  (At one point during the conversation Kandi asked Porsha if Kordell hit her-? Porsha took awhile to answer and then said no-hmm)   Kandi had given Porsha some sex toys,Porsha opened one of the boxes but other box containing sex balls was never opened . Porsha found the empty box but no balls.

When being evicted Twerk

The Landlord wants Kenya Moore gone, Kenya Moore needs a paycheck, Bravo wants drama.      With everything gone Kenya finds a wedding dress that just happens to fit Kenya and she spins.   The police shows with the screaming home owner…. Come on BRAVO!!

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