Sacramento Retail 2023: 70% of shopping via Electronic Device

Next week, more people may buy online than in Retail Stores

By: CityFella

Some may remember these stores . Montgomery Wards, Mervyn’s ,Weinstocks, Gottschalks, Bon Marche , Bullocks, Bamburgers ,The Broadway, Britt’s Department Stores,Gimble’s , Newmans, Dayton’s, Jordan Marsh, Meier and Frank ,The Emporium stores these once anchored America’s Downtown’s and  Shopping Malls  

For many years the population center in Sacramento was in and around downtown as the population shifted east so did retail.

Arden Fair Shopping Center was open in 1957.  It was an open air shopping center as most were at time.  The center had one anchor. Sears.   Florin Mall,opened in 1967. The seventies saw the opening of Sunrise Mall, the areas first super regional mall.  By 1989, Arden Fair demolished much of the old mall and became a two level enclosed mall with four anchor department stores.   The largest mall in the area is Roseville Galleria.

Today in America the anchor based mall is an endangered model.  With fewer Department Stores to replace an anchor, the closing of a Macy’s, Penney’s or Sears is the beginning of the end for most malls.

The “I” world order

Many experts believed the net would enhance traditional brick and mortar retail. Of course that was before the I-phone and I-pad.  Smartphone and Tablets have radically change the way we shop. Today shoppers can instantly price shop.   It’s called Showrooming- browsing goods in stores before searching for them at cheaper prices on the Web.

According to a new poll conducted by Accenture, 65% of consumers said they would browse holiday purchases online that they would ultimately buy in person at a store. A slightly smaller proportion (62%) said they would partake in showrooming.

A study published by RetailMeNot (SALE) showed that nearly 90% of Americans plan to do at least some of their holiday shopping online and that figure is above the international average of 84%

Other confirming data for the growing shift toward online shopping comes from Park Associates is had in the firm’s new study “Mobile Commerce: Keys to Mass Adoption.” Park found that 43% of U.S. smartphone users purchased a good via their device in the last month. That activity was skewed higher atTarget TGT +0.65% that at Walmart — 54% of shoppers used their smartphone to make an in-store purchase in the last month, compared to 38% of Wal-Mart customers. The Parks survey also revealed that more than 25% of consumer electronics shoppers in broadband households have used
mobile commerce apps on their smartphone to help with an in-store purchase decision.

Amazon Vs Wal Mart

The shift toward online shopping has clearly benefited  which has seen its revenue and stock price soar. It’s also caught Walmart flat footed. While Walmart is the largest retailers, Internet Retailer estimates the company’s online sales totaled $4.9 billion, roughly 1% of total revenue last year, compared with’s $34 billion in online sales. That comparison helps explain why Walmart has gobbled up almost a dozen start-ups to help expand and improve its online presence.

This holiday season more people will shop online.  Gift decisions will be made via a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Those wierd and whacky Millennials

The Millennial Generation  also known as Generation Y, is the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends. Commentators use beginning birth years from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.(wiki)

Another problem for the traditional brick and mortar  retailers, are the Millennials.  They are the radical offspring of the Baby Boomers.  This group, like their parents are defying convention.  They prefer midtown/downtown to the suburbs.   Bikes over cars and unlike their parents, they may never drive to outermost regions to shop .  This group is likely to spend more via the net than Arden Fair.    Unlike their Boomer parents, the Millennials  are likely to shop close to home.


Today from your, work desk you can order your grocery’s from Raley’s or  Prepay for movie tickets. buy clothes, appliances, its endless………

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