Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Episode 4 “Too Late to Apollo-gize”


Last night I was schooled in fakery, by my daughter.  I don’t know many men who know about filler,and parts by Mattel.  My daughter does.  Last nights episode opened up with Kenya doing exercises spinning upside down.  My daughter who has never seen the show before (yes) looked at Kenya and said fake,fake and fake referring to M’s Moore derriere, breasts and other body parts and was shocked that I couldn’t tell the difference.

The fabulous Kenya, moved in an hotel in the Ghetto…proclaimed Ms Nene Leakes.   Oooh Ghetto… and she Nene was appalled by the hotel’s white refrigerator.    I found the goings on a bit much from someone who not long ago lived in the Ghetto.    Nene Really?

Nene takes Ms’ Moore to 1.6 million dollar 4000 sq feet Atlanta Condo ( I think I’m moving to Atlanta-1.6 would buy a walk up condo with less than a 1000 sq feet in San Francisco)   Ghetto dweller Moore, say’s SHE would need at least 5000 (hmm wasn’t she just evicted!) in Buckhead. the 90210 of the south.          Kenya PLEASE!   (yall know what I mean)

While the theme of the show was about Kenya and Apollo’s texting scandal the theme of the show could be called Porsha grows up.    Porsha’s therapist Dr Blake, kicks open some important doors .  Porsha viewed as Kordell the father in the relationship, who gave her an allowance, told her where to stand and when curfew was .    Porsha likes this arrangement and despite all the hurt Kordell has caused, she has a child like hope that two of them can remain together and the symbol of this hope is the wedding ring she wears.     At a luncheon with the ladies, she takes off her mask of perfection and tells the truth about her marriage.  She shared the sadness of a controlling husband who would not allow her friend and family members to visit their home.

Back to Apollo and Kenya. Kenya shows Kandi her text exchange with Apollo to prove that it was all strictly platonic.  Okay platonic, so why would you keep the texts?    (Just saying)

Dinner without the kids ,just the grown folks  Phaedra and Apollo.   The setting in tense, Apollo resents coming in fourth, after the children and the books.   With the C-section, I’m assuming sex is out of the question for now.  Phaedra has resentments and unfinished business.  The fucking text.

Why are your texting her?  Is there smoke?    She tells him he shouldn’t text her, he reminds her she isn’t his mama!  (yikes)    Now I’m sure she wouldn’t have a problem with Kandi, and the other ladies but Kenya is her natural enemy.    He gets that, but he is pissed and then he does something we men shouldn’t do.      He says too much, he goes into to detail, adding log upon log upon log until her fire is out of control.   She believes him but he has gone over the limit.   Good thing he is married to Phaedra ,because Nene would have lost it and unlike Phaedra (who is a lawyer) might have cut him on Camera.

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