Brian Hounslow didn’t realize he was in the Women’s Restroom at Wal Mart

When you gotta go and go right now, you have certain expectations.  If your 61 year old Beth Davis  your not expecting to see a nude man in the women’s restroom of a Tulsa,Oklahoma Wal Mart at 830 in the morning.

According to police documents, the grandmother of eight saw 37 year old Brian Hounslow  amusing his man tools in the mirror of the women restroom, pants down around his ankles.        As M’s Davis left the bathroom for help, Hounslow grabbed his pants and attempted to leave the Wal Mart (perhaps he wanted to beat the Black Friday crowds)

Damm!  Son of A Saltine!

Hounslow ran into Davis and he was attempting to leave.   Davis leaped into Spielberg mode and gave the gift that keeps on giving VIDEO!

The Tulsa Po Po arrested Hounslow at his home., he was arrested for felony indecent exposure. ( He should have been fined for driving that ugly Toyota)

Hounslow originally told Beth Davis he didn’t know he was in the women’s restroom.   In the warmth of the Police station he confessed to masturbating.

Observation: If you look in the left upper corner of the video you will see the words “LiveLeak” coincidence……

Have a Safe Holiday

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