(RHOA) Season 6 Episode Six Memo to Monster Joyce: Carmon is not the one!

The embers hasn’t died down from  Monster Joyce attacking Todd.

Sunday nights episode began with Kandi telling Carmon about the Todd beat-down.   She goes on to tell Carm0n about her mother accusing  she and Todd of  messing around.

(Somebody, call Dr Phil Kandi and her Monster needs help)

Leaving Carmon to once again remind Kandi, her mom wont be happy until Kandi has no one in her life but her.

Meanwhile. across town at the Leakes camp, NeNe and Gregg lunches with friends  Mynique and Chuck.   They are all from Athens,Georgia.

(The rumor machine believes Mynique may replace Kenya or Porsha for season 7)

Well the queen bee was certainly laying out the ground work. ” We want to spend time with the people she hangs out with”   Chuck has hung out (or slept with) Kandi and Phaedra.     Nene splashes a little shade Phaedra way. Suggesting Phaedra  may have been an oral specialist back home.  Chuck tells the group “I never had sexual intercourse with Phaedra Parks.”

(ahem…yall do know-Phaedra is an attorney)

Speaking of Phaedra.  Looks like  Kenya-gate or texting-gate  is coming to an end (Thank Gawd)  Apollo took Peters advise and  apologizes.  Tells Phaedra he respects that she feels that way because she’s his wife. Phaedra  closes with “at the end of the day,” she trusts her husband.

Apollo asks if Phaedra remembers when they used to have sex over the sink in the bathroom …..he forgot the kid “Mr President” was still in the room .  Apollo need to be cool, how many wives know how to embalm their husbands.

Porsha:  She fainted at home, doctor sends her to drug store for headaches, moving on.

Cynthia:  Noelle’s bio father enters. The topic: Arthur the 13 years old friend who is a boy… yawn.

Kenya:  Kenya has lunch with her aunt (the woman he raised her) and they talk about relationships and children.  Her aunt suggests Kenya focus on having a child first.   We learn Kenya has some deep abandonment issues .  He mother is still with us, but doesn’t acknowledge Kenya existence.  wow.

Oh yes, its time for the Bravo Housewives Franchise obligatory field trip.  This year the queen bee announces its Savannah, a three hour fun fill bus ride.

Can We Agree: Kandi’ mom is Monster!

The setting:  A Bridle Shop

Kandi is looking for a wedding dress and she bring her friends Carmon and Kwame.

Her mother, “Monster Joyce” arrives a few minutes after along with her sisters.

While Kandi is trying on the first dress.   Monster Joyce goes after Carmon who isn’t backing down.    Monster says every body is talking about you and Todd.   Carmon said YOU are everybody.  Called out on her stuff,  the monster jumps of the sofa attempting to attack Carmon.    This non-sense continues.  With the Kwame restraining Monster who at one point has taken off her shoes and the Aunts restraining  Carmon.

Kandi asks Carmon to leave and steps up on the pedestal in another dress .When Kandi returns in the second dress, the aunts tell her she shouldn’t marry.     Serious!  Why did you come?  You could have phoned that from home and not spoil your niece’s day!

Carmon  tells Kandi that she’s going to have to make a choice to not keep dealing with this from her mother. Kandi says, that she’s learned to deal with her mother, but the people she loves, like Carmon and Todd, haven’t. Carmon says she feels sorry for her!

Okay, everybody understand how Carmon must have felt.  But she was wrong for fighting with that old monster.         I’m not sure who I am more angry at Kandi or the Monster.      It’s clear to us, the monster wants to control her daughter.  She has known and loved Carmon for decades, however, now that Carmon is working for Kandi and occupying more of  Kandi’s time ,Carmon is now a target

The monster has created false stores about Kandi”s daughter,finance and best friend . Knowing this  Kandi continues to give monster a pass.

Previews shows the monster spreading her venom next week.

Remember when we thought the Monster was a nice older lady?

(Note: Apologizing for tardiness of this post. I was out of town and the hotel did not have Bravo)


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