The Real Housewives (RHOA) of Atlanta (Season6 Episode7) Props to Ayden

Last nights episode (12/15) may bring the Monster Joyce era to a close. (throwing holy water on the TV Guide-tis time to move on)   After talking to Cynthia, who has had first hand family wedding drama, Kandi finally grew half of one and shut monster down.   She called monster on her lies and said YOU’VE been married THREE times and your mother never treated you like this.

Before the show down, Monster Joyce went to Phaedra office for some legal advice.  Phaedra is holding her 3 year old son Ayden.   As the monster enters the room Phaedra tells Ayden to say hello. Ayden is quiet, the monster offers some grandmother charm.  Ayden isn’t feeling it.  Phaedra says if he wants a treat, he needs to talk to her. Ayden looks directly into Monsters Joyce’s eyes and very matter of factually said “I don’t want a treat.”    Hott day-yam the three year old had the presence of mind to do what adults should have done long ago.    Shut that monster down.

Monster was in Pheadras office presumably to talk prenup (is she getting married?)      The conversation quickly deteriorated into the Todd/Kandi affair. Monster Joyce manages to shock Phaedra – yes, Phaedra ,into silence , but Phaedra stands up for her girl Kandi and says that Kandi thinks Todd is the one and so does she.

And then in a dry dark voice  Monster says  “That’s why I could choke you right now.” Phaedra’s jaw drops to da floor.  ( I am telling you EXORCISM!-somethings wrong with that woman!)  

Take your child and run.,……

More Props…..M’s Bailey keeps it real

Cynthia, told Kandi straight up.   “you’re just going to have to fight for this.” It takes work to get past a huge thing like your mom not liking your fiance,but if Kandi wants a relationship with Mama Joyce and Todd, she’s got to keep working until she gets there.

Making room for  Mynique

The Nene train is on the track…and she wants Mynique  as a part of the cast.   But who will she replace.    Porsha, going gaga over some seven thousand dollars shoes and possibly settling with some gold studded thirty five hundred dollars shoes because she has to budget as she no longer has Kordell’s credit card.     This soon to be divorced woman who lives with mama is at a store where no shoes is under a grand   ( I guess Target is OUT of the question) with her stylist in tow. Stylist? is she a celebrity?    Kenyato her credit she can take a little dirt and cause a dust storm.  However, if she and her guy pal make up one more song, were gonna have to call Marlo in to ruff them up.


Bravo’s obligatory field trip.    You know what they say………..  Payback is a buick…

Back in the early days of RHOA, the queen bee would be hours late to functions.  But being  a working girl in Hollywood has changed that.    M’s Leakes is an on time gal… and she has little tolerance for tardiness.   The ladies were to meet Nene at 11am.   Kenya and  Mynique arrive on time and things go down hill from therewith Cynthia and Porsha being an hour late and Phaedra and Kandi being nearly three hours late.

Kenya is pissed( rightfully so) and she is trying to work Nene up.  On the bus Kenya goes off on all the late ladies and Kandi snaps…..and the rest to be continued.   Oh Bravo!

Season Six-Nits to Pick

Whatz up with the hair and make up this season? . First things first Porsha gets a pass, for the most part she looks better this season.   Perhaps its lighting, Cynthia makeup is off, but looks good.  Speaking of make up, do they hate Kenya?its BAD, and she is a beautiful woman, make up lip stick looks really bad this season.   Makeup or lighting isn’t a problems for Phaedra.  Perhaps someone is playing a practical joke on Ms Parks.  When its a light occasion she dresses for a funeral complete with black vail. When its a serious matter she is dressed like she is hitting the clubs.  Kandi-hair, nuff said.  Finally, the queen bee….   What is up with the hair?  She looks as if she is having a yard sale everyday!  Did she leave her sense of style or stylist in Hollywood.    What happened to her “Gays” they wouldn’t let her come out of the house looking like this…

Well that’s all for this week, same bat time, same bat channel.


Opps one more….   On the slick and cool meter….  It’s Gregg Leakes, the brotha is too cool for color TV.   A rose for the ladies….  All right now!      (You young men, need to take notes)

Last Week

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