The Real Housewives of Atlanta : The Queen Bee (Nene) Stings her own

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6: Episode 9 - Kandi

Episode 9 was a yawn…   Little shade, a lot of tears and some bonding.     During  a ya ya sisterhood moment with the ladies making breakfast for each other.  Cynthia brings up her daughter’s dating and before anyone can take it in, The Queen Bee jumps in and loudly tells she disproves. Everybody know girls are harder than boys, girls are the ones who are in the malls twerking.     Pheadra chimes in “I am so thankful that I have boys because with a boy you only have to worry about one ding-a-ling; with girls, you have to worry about everybody’s ding-a-ling.” I am currently happy not worrying about anybody’s ding-a-ling, but I fear the day I have to consider the mental state of a hormonal 14-year-old boy.

This tirade overwhelms Cynthia and the tears and sobbing begins.  She excuses herself from the table, no wait, I’m sorry she excuses herself from the Queen Bee, who once again, is giving her OPINION.   The problem is, Cynthia knows her opinion, Nene made the same statement weeks ago.   The absence of sensitivity to her bestie on the show is striking.    Parenting is challenging an area where people should tread lightly.

 Nene’s first born Bryson,has been arrested more than a few times for drugs,shoplifting, and weapon charges.  Bryson is also the father of a young girl.  So, I’m not sure if Nene should be readily offering parenting advice.

Enemies Porsha and Kenya  follows Cynthia upstairs  to console her.  Cynthia says, “I’m never not thinking about what that little girl needs from me” and, I’ll tell you what, I got a little misty.

Kenya reassures Cynthia that just how much she cares means she’s a good mom, and Porsha tells her to breathe, wash her face and put her smoky eye back on.    Enemies Kenya and Porsha bond over their desire to have children and Kenya tells Porsha about how her lack of relationship with her mother has affected her hopes for having children in the future.

Fresh from her bonding tour with Porsha, Kenya has one more bridge to cross.  Phaedra Parks, Phaedra wasn’t having it.  Dismissing Kenya in a heap of yellow.

The ladies go to a drag show, leave it to Porsha to ask a drag queen in a gay bar where the straight bars are?

If your wandering where Mynique is?  Well she is taking up space.  The Queen Bee better put a dramatic bug in her ear before SHE forgets she was ever on the show.

A flying cockroach terrorizes the ladies yawn, slow fade the end.


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