Real Housewives of Atlanta; EVERYBODY LOVED CHUCK Smith

Youngsters: Kandi Burruss, Chuck Smith, Pheadra Parks  

Episode 10 may be the build up to the reunion show.   Last night we learned former Atlanta Falcon Defensive End Chuck Smith was the Quintessential Player back in the day “Everybody Loved Chuck’  were gonna come back later to Woman-master Chuck.

Porsha, is moving on and moving out of her mothers house.   She is renting or buying this  8000 square foot home (my postage stamp apartment will fit in her home 11 times-damm girl)   she now lives in the same neighborhood as  the Queen Bee.   She’s 32, its time.  How so nevah before her complete independence, in her squeakiest high pitched voice, she’s asks her monmie if she would pick the tab for her dogs clothing.

Kandi and Monster Joyce meets up at Derek J.’s salon where the Monster is getting her hair done to hang out with her girlfriends later in the evening.  The two hasn’t spoken in two weeks.    Monster is squeezing out the last few drops of quilt ” Kandi still doesn’t have her back AND she is  having health problems’  blah, blah,blah.   Kandi isn’t taking the bait.

Finally REAL Drama

Malorie, Cynthia’s sister is back in town, not only is she back but she is staying with Peter and Cynthia’s for two weeks… Oops, my bad two months surprise!   (Malorie’s husband plays B-ball overseas)   Cynthia still hasn’t really gotten over Malorie’s comments about Peter last year at their anniversary party, but they both want to get the relationship back to where it once was.

Now we know Peter cant stand Malorie .  She has been rude to him and he has nothing for her!   In a non bravo world  knowing how much her husband dislikes her Cynthia may have recommended a Holiday Inn. (BTW where is their momma?)…but wait!

Cynthia and Malorie swing by the Bailey Agency School of Fashion and Cynthia, gives her a tour.  In the building is a brand spanking  new Mercedes Peter bought without consulting her.

Lets go back a bit.  Before they were married ,Cynthia sank a large chunk of her bucks into Peters failed night club.   As a result, the couples large elaborate wedding was scaled down big time and they couldn’t afford a honeymoon.  

Peter buys a warehouse with her money again, without consulting her (is there a pattern here?)  He uproots  her modeling agency from a central location to the warehouse.   His current venture is struggling.

You know a fight is coming  Peter is understandably pissed, he cant stand his sister in law…and she’s gonna live with them for two months.?   However, Mr Thomas loses his mind when he starts going off about needing a man house in the city to decompress a bit.   Yikes man ( CityFella walks away with head down).

The Cynthia of two seasons ago is gone.   She is taking no prisoners and she fights with an James Bond coolness.  She says she fell in love with the Peter Thomas dream machine (I’m paraphrasing) .She moved to Atlanta from New York for Peter and living with him has been stressful as she constantly worries about money.  He dreams without consequence ,and she worries about the bills which makes her depressed.

He wants more sex, she’s tired. She tells him,  If someone took care of me and I didn’t have to work and worry,there would be more sex.   He tells her if she can’t stop bringing up the fact that his “plans” are going to make them bankrupt ,then their marriage will just become like a job he doesn’t want to do.  In the real world, most marriages end over money.  Not sure if Peter’s ego could handle separate accounts


 Chuck and Mynique’s audition continues

Kenya, meets with her boy Miss Lawrence and naturally they talk about Savannah and her fine performance with Mr’s Smith.  Nothing more to see, moving on…….

Chuck ask’s NeNe and Phaedra to talk to the Boys and Girls Club in their home town of Athens Georgia.  The ninety minute road trip is on.  The three reminisce about growing up in Athens, the people they knew and places they worked.     They even stop at the Dairy Queen, a place where everyone went to.     Okay, I’m gonna say it !    It was all very SWEET!

Chuck poured it on thick, he calls Phaedra Parks one of the best attorneys in america.  Then he loses his mind , when calls NeNe,  one of the top actresses in America.    All is well,Nene and Phaedra are bonding(you can almost hear Minnie Riperton in the background with birds tweeting lalala la lalala its great)

Cue Scary Music

On the ride back old,Chuck got’s come clearing up to do.   90 minutes, a captive audience, y’all gonna hear him out!

As you remember a couple weeks ago, Mynique completely lost her mind.  She thought she would embarrass  Phaedra and Kandi, two women who had flings with good ole Chuck.  You didn’t have to step inside her head to know what she was thinking. y’all flung, but I got him.

Well, what she got was beyond embarrassment ,she was humiliated.  Old Chuck’s stories may have been works of fiction.  He called his “relationship” with Kandi was nothing much and she had a crush on him and like Bill Clinton, he had nothing to do with Phaedra.

Lets be clear, the minute Mynique entered the Smith home,after returning from Savannah,  she  verbally beat than man within an inch of his life.   YOU KNOW THIS!

So now he has Phaedra and poor Nene for 90 minutes to clear his name.  Chuck confronts Phaedra who sticks to her guns.    Phaedra confirms that, when asked, she told Mynique they had “dated,” but she never made it seem like it was anything serious. And she didn’t.  

Chuck was adamant when he said they had never dated. Chuck goes off on a tangent about being the “big homie” and that they were just the first version of “friends with benefits.  When he demanded proof from her,  Phaedra tells him, he could at least admit they went on dates and he took her to his football games.  Full of himself, he says,I had six different chicks stashed in the corner! You were part of the team, you and Kandi.” Everybody wanted me, a young millionaire.  He proudly says, he lied to Kandi by making her feel like she was special and “took advantage of a young girl who was hungry in the game.”    He did love her mom and her aunts who made him feel like being in the family

(one wonders will they continue to have warm feelings for him after viewing this episode)

Nene, was tense,silent and embarrassed for Phaedra, quietly said , I’m not gonna ride with chall no more.


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