Weave it alone…….

By: CityFella

“First of all I have security”

This is gonna be very short.   Ladies and some gents.  The weave is over.

It seems everyone has a weave these days.   Men and women, old and young and its often not a good look.    I saw a sixtyish woman on an Religious show,  she had 146 pounds on blonde air piled on top of her head with four foot eyelashes singing her heart to the lord.

Everyone seems to have the same style. There is no originality.   Some of the weaves are well done, and THEN, there are the sad and tragic ones.  Polyester hair,  do it your self weaves,  the unfortunate glued weaves with the hairline front and center.

Last week I saw someone at the Galleria in Roseville (bless her heart*) she had to be thirteen or fourteen and she had several extensions in her hair (one kept falling out) I remember saying to myself she needs a good friend to tell her, hey that’s not a good look.

Finally, there was this young man at the Waffle House in Hampton,Virginia last month, he didn’t glue or sew.  He simply clipped the new hair to his old hair ( Yes…let us pray)   The boy used  20 or 30 silver clips and clipped that hair to his hair.

No one could miss the him, I MEAN no one (including all the passengers on Delta 1138 -thirty thousand feet above him) could clearly see the hair .  The Waffle staff could barely contain their laughter as he tossed the new hair out of his face, with one of the clips going rouge landing on the floor.  My only concern was where he was going to sit as I was concerned about a random lighting strikes.

People without weaves can scratch an itchy head with confidence.    They can actually tell if someone is trying to light their hair on fire.   No worries of having a waiter returning your hair       (ma’am you dropped this).  The weave has had its day. Short hair is sexy, no patting, natural curly hair is hott.  Ladies and Gents its time to Weave your hair alone.