Real Housewives of Atlanta: (EP10) The Auditions Continue

Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey,Natalie Williams

By CityFella,

Let’s not get it twisted. Kenya Moore is a smart woman.  Her marquee is fading at Bravo.  She knows this.  But what she does know is how to keep it moving.   She is irritating, funny, and touching.  She knows how to light a fire and than sit back and watch it burn.She was a major reason people tuned in last season.   So Bravo might be reluctant to let her go, just yet.    However,  like Sheree Whitfield ,who she replaced there are many fans who do not like her.

The rumor mill suggest this may be the final season for one or two of the housewives.    Porsha’s exit  seems a foregone conclusion.   Kenya or possibly Phaedra who’s story line has been weak this season could be the other housewife.

So the auditions continues.  First it was Mynique Smith who is as exciting as stale Melba Toast.   Next its Cynthia’s sister Malorie.  Last night, the heads at Bravo, dug up Marlo Hampton and introduced  Natalie and her husband or common law mate, singer/actor Christopher Williams.

Flash Summery 

Cynthia and Peter celebrates their third anniversary.  We are introduced to Natalie and Christoper.

Natalie’s tells Peter and Cynthia, her friend dated Todd over 10 years ago and she says he “knows how to find himself in situations to better himself,” which Peter immediately follows up with, “To hear you say he’s an opportunist…  (Really?)

Kenya invites her family and announces she is going to have a child. (invitro fertilization)

Kandi and Todd go out to scout venues for her passion-project-musical.  Todd is going to work on musical

Cynthia arranges trip to a winery outside Atlanta  ( The Atlanta tourism group thanks Bravo) they take two buses…  One with  Kandi, Phaedra and Porsha and the other with Cynthia, Kenya, Nene, Marlo ,and another lady who I do not remember who she is connected to, Lexus.  Notice I didn’t mention Natalie, who wasn’t on any of the buses and there was no explanation.   Perhaps she came by the Underground Railroad-Porsha would know.

Silly arguments ensue, ending with Natalie being face to face with Kandi  trying to tell her a slightly new version of the Todd Story.    The real story here is Kandi’s class, she didn’t let the story faze her at all.

To Bravo:  This was bad, please stop the auditions .. Your killing us !

Dump Porsha, Mynique, Natalie (please) , consider Malorie, I miss Kim Zolciak, and that Lexus woman was quite funny.

Last Week episode 11

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