Real Housewives of Atlanta: A Nasty Nene Ignites Brawl

A Pillow Party Brawl

By CityFella

Pillow talk, Pillow fight, it went down in last night in Atlanta (Season 6. Episode 13 RHOA). Nasty Nene was the instigator, make no bones about it!  Meanwhile there was a shady and timely remark that maybe remotely connected to an current news item, I wonder how many caught it?

The episode began with Kenya Moore.  Kenya goes with her Aunt Lori to the fertility doctor and finds out that her hormone levels are fine to have a baby but her ovarian reserve is diminished.  Later,  Kenya and Miss Lawrence goes to the fertility clinic and asks the receptionist for free lube while they wait to meet with the consultants.  OOOOkay?  Kenya has a long list of requirements from the donors, a LONG list… “funny, affectionate, no body odor…full lips, a slender nose, etc”

Meanwhile Pheadra and her party planner Dwight (new nose big glasses) are planning another over the top party for new child Mr President.  Secret Service dances, red carpets  the party cost thousands.  Hubby, Apollo didn’t seem to give a s*** and was disagreeable and  rude at times. Hmmm.

Pillow Talk , Pillow Punch

Nene has been planning this party for her friends called “Pillow Talk.” Her goal is to get everyone together so they can “talk to each other and move on.”

Was she geeked up?  

Was Kandi on to something when she said  Nene seems “a little geeked up,”?   Well something was off, shes stomping, twirling, lifting up whatever she was wearing. None of it was funny or cute, it was just weird.  And she just keeps seeming more geeked up as the night went on,pissed at the very late Kenya  “I am very mother f—ing irritated right now.”

Nasty Nene

Nene had a list of questions that cut close to the bone.  From telling Porsha not to be offended that she’s making her answer the “Would you care if your husband was bisexual?”  Porsha should have been offended, the question was rude.  Then asking  the women jf they were OK with their husbands going to strip clubs (possibly directed at Cynthia and Pheadrea.) Peter defended the men and explained why they went.  He said he didn’t get laps dances .  Kandi busted him as she saw him get a lap dance.    Nene, to her credit has never walked away from the fact that she worked in a strip club.    She threw a little shade  on the parade by saying there are women essentially giving it up at the clubs. ”     Apollo announced that he has spent as much as 8 grand in a strip club and defended it buy saying it was his money!

Did you catch it ? I did!

In the confessional ,Kenya said please, where did Apollo get 8 thousand dollars from?  Is Kenya on to something?

RHOA Real Drama ” Apollo Nida-Phaedra Parks Husband charged with Bank Fraud and Identity Theft

(Click the link for Story)

The Brawl

We know if there is an argument, Kenya is nearb. How so nevah it was Nene who started the mess. The Queen bee goes to  the front of the room and announces that last week, Kenya told Natalie that her “husband” had previously told her that were in a common-law marriage — any thoughts on that, Christopher Williams?

Christopher begin to speak . Kenya hops up and starts moving toward Natalie, so Christopher goes to stop her.  Christopher grabs Kenya, Brandon is immediately up and yelling, “DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS ON HER!”   Peter pushes the two apart.   THEN !!   Apollo who has nothing to do with nothing,  slams Brandon down onto one of the beanbags and is beating the crap out of Brandon.    WAIT THERE’S MORE!  Kenya and Pheadra is pulling Apollo off Brandon.  Everyone else except Gregg,Chuck and Mynique  is trying to keep Christopher back.    Now Bravo’s crew is out  ,jumping in to start pulling people apart and Apollo, Brandon and Christopher are separated.

Nene goes to scream at Kenya for getting up out of her “G—damn seat” and ruining the party. (Really Nene. Really? )

Next thing you know Apollo breaks free and goes after Brandon, again! .   HUH?

WTF?  Why the face?   Apollo was in prison, was Brandon a cell mate?     The Brawl Continues next week.    Will the New Jersey cast mates join in?   Will the Beverly Hills cast mates ,Brandi and Joyce duke it out in designer dresses in the lobby of the hotel?      I KNOW WHERE ILL BE NEXT WEEK?

Man, I’m wiped out,need a nap.   See ya next week.

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  1. You are a mess! I read your blog for the first time last week. I like your style,you don’t take this too serious and this blog is very entertaining. If I had one complaint,you or who ever writes on the blog need to check your spelling.


  2. I like your style but you are dead wrong when it comes to Nene. Yes she was being shady, But it was Kenya, she rushed Natalie her man’s instincts was to protect his woman. Something Kenya will never know. As for Apollo, he could be the real bisexual man after all didn’t he spend 10yers in jail? I’m sure some man has tapped that ass.


  3. I will takе this oppοrtunity and reveаl just how much I delight in browѕing this blog’s posts.
    It never ever fɑils to make me think.


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