Bruno Mars Saves the World

By CityFella

Okay, I wanted retribution.  Seattle kicked the Niner’s ass and even though I actually like the Seahawks I wanted Broncos to send those bird beaks packing to their emerald habitat.      But the Broncos didn’t show up in New Jersey, yes their bodies were present, but they left their game in Denver.

The majority of Americans watching the SuperBowl wanted a brawl.  Unless they live in Denver or Seattle they’re not invested, they simply want a good game.   SuperBowl  XLVIII was a snoozer. There seemed to be fewer commercials this year. Perhaps it was the teams or the cost of airing on the Superbowl.

I’m not a fan of the mega commercials.   Entertain me please, I want short and funny.  I want Betty White being tackled on the field.  No more stories about cars Imported from Detroit.  One of the commercials reminded me of the movie Lincoln, as it to went on and on.

The single bright spot of the evening was Bruno Mars.  While I am a fan of his music, I have never seen him perform.  Last night the man delivered.   Bruno reached back 40 years (YES,I said forty years)  and reminded some of the Motown, Stax records days, the set was tight,he conjured the spirit of the Godfather (James Brown, for those outside of the loop) and bits of Prince as he can play many instruments.

Any hope of a game, a comeback, ended at the beginning of the third quarter.  You could engines starting and cars leaving the Superbowl Parties around downtown Sacramento.

Bruno Mars Killed last night, and gained new fans…

Tickets for his Moonshine Jungle Tour went on sale during the Superbowl .

The Worldwide Tour opens in Perth,Australia Feb 28th,  Adelade March 2,  Melbourne March 4 &5, Brisbane March 7, Sydney March 7, 10, 11.   Fresno, May 27, Oakland May 28,  Birmingham, United Kingdom July 05 , London July 6., Montreal Canada, Jul 23,  Ottawa Jul 24, Toronto July 26,Winnipeg Aug 2, Saskatoon Aug 3,Calgary Aug 5, Squamish Aug 8,  Stateline(Tahoe)Nv Aug 14, San Jose, Aug 15,

If you missed the show catch it here….

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