Today is Jordan Davis birthday

By CityFella

He would have been 19 today.   His life ended on Friday, Nov 23rd 2012 at the Gate gas station  on Southside Boulevard and Baymeadows Road in Jacksonville Florida.

Where he was sitting in the back seat of a Red Dodge Durango. Three other people where also in the SUV.

Michael Dunn,pulled into the Gate station along side the Durango after attending his son’s wedding.   His girlfriend went inside the store.

Mr Dunn told Mr Davis, who was sitting in the back seat to turn the music down.  Dunn exchanged words with Davis and started firing.

After firing into the SUV, Michael Dunn and  his girlfriend left the station and checked into a hotel where they ordered pizza

When he was  arrested, he claimed self defense.   He believed his life was in  danger, he said Jordan Davis had a shotgun.  As Michael Dunn shot into the Dodge,the driver of the SUV panicked and crashed at the scene. A gun, was never found.

Yesterday a mixed race Jacksonville,Florida jury found Michael Dunn guilty of three counts of second-degree attempted murder, but not of first-degree premeditated murder.  47 year old Dunn, now could face more than 60 years in prison.


Michael Dunn is going to jail for committing a crime.  He is not going to jail for murder.

We may never know why or how the jury reached their decision.  They are not required by law to give an explanation.

at·tempt  (ə-tĕmpt′)

tr.v. at·tempt·edat·tempt·ingat·tempts

1. To try to perform, make, or achieve: attempted to read the novel in one sitting; attempted a difficult dive.
2. Archaic To tempt.
3. Archaic To attack with the intention of subduing.

1. An effort or a try.
2. An attack; an assault: an attempt on someone’s life.

While the bullets for his pistol missed the other three occupants of the Dodge Durango.  One of those bullet’s struck and killed Jordan Davis.

Michael Dunn didn’t attempt, he killed Jordan Davis.  The juries message once again devalues the life of a black man.

The Urban Institute, based in Washington DC and established in 1968 by the Lyndon B. Johnson administration to study the nation’s urban problems  found that the killings of black people by whites were more likely to be considered justified than the killings of white people by blacks.

They found  a greater number of homicides were found justified in Stand Your Ground states in all racial combinations,those states yielded more killings overall.

According to a June study [pdf] by researchers at Texas A&M University, the rates of murder and non-negligent manslaughter increased by 8 percent in states with Stand Your Ground laws. That’s an additional 600 homicides per year in the states that have enacted such laws.

For many people in this nations who has followed this story, the trial was cut and dry.  Michael Dunn murdered an unarmed black child.   Unlike the Zimmerman trial, the shooting was committed in daylight in a public place, there were many witnesses.  No other gun was seen or found.

Today is not a day of Joy and Celebration for the parents of Jordan Davis. Its not a day of celebration for many parents of black children.  The jury action is just another confirmation of the value of the life of a black child in America.