Puffing outdoors in Sacramento

Remember the days when there were smoking sections in Restaurants?  Smoke so intelligent, it knew to stay it its section.

Today, there are fewer and fewer places where a smoker can smoke.  In California, there are cities where you cant smoke outdoors.

In California and a number of states it is against the law to smoke in restaurants and bars.  However, smokers are allowed to smoke outside.

My city representative Councilmember Steve Hansen is leaning towards a citywide ban on outdoor  smoking in the cities Restaurants and Bars.

According to the American Lung Association in California, 73 cities in the state prohibit smoking in all outdoor dining areas; 42 restrict outdoor smoking with some exceptions.

Steve Hansen told the Bee ;“I’ve heard from a lot of people who think it would be meaningful and that they would eat out more often if they went there knowing there wouldn’t be smoking,”

I am a non smoker, militant in some circles and yet I have mixed feeling on an ordinance that would restrict smoking outdoors    In my perfect world no one would smoke anything anywhere.

In Sacramento, you cant smoke in building, in and around hospitals.   Sacramento State now has  limited smoking on Campus.

Twenty years ago non-smokers had few rights, today its the smokers.  If I where having a meal outdoors and a smoker lit up near me, my meal would be ruined.   With that said, I would not support a measure that would limit outdoor smoking.

Your thoughts?


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