The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Ep16) Marlo Hampton pulls out all the Stops

By: CityFella

Yes, Nene unleashed Nay Nay and Nay Nay showed her ass at the ball.  Nay Nay was present at the Pillow Party and before the season is over we will see Nay Nay again.    Last season Nene was on the top of the world.   She was on four shows, a woman in demand.  This season she’s a um-housewife in Atlanta.   We’ve seen this Nene or Nay Nay before, when she was divorcing Gregg.  Mean,spiteful, hyper-combative Nene.  When she is sad or depressed,Nay Nay is on call, so this will not be last we see of her,moving on.

Episode 16, opened with Cynthia talking to her sister Malorie about the ball.  While she disagreed with Nene actions she believed Peter’s timing (at the party) was wrong.

There are two “Did you catch it scenes”

Nene is still angry because she feels that Kenya was using her name to get people to her ball (true) Gregg (in his smooth ways)  tries to tell her the party was for charity.  Nene she says she tried to put her game face on because everyone told her it would look bad if she didn’t.  She goes on to say she didn’t know her alter ego would show up.  Gregg responds, “Oh Lord, not [NayNay] – let me drink some toilet water on that one.” And takes a sip of coffee out of a Giant toilet-shaped mug complete with a tank on the back .  Love it-Want one!

The newest Bff’s Marlo and Keyna talk about the ball and Marlo says SHE will talk to Nene and to figure out how everybody can make up.  (Marlo?)

 In the confessional Kandi, surprised by the friendship of Marlo and Kenya said Nene was territorial about her friends.

Cynthia is planning a surprise birthday party for Peter. This is a bit of Bravo magic-as nearly everyone hate someone and yet they all agree to attend.   At the party,Kenya gets Nene by herself and tries to discuss what happened at her party. Kenya apologizes for her part in the miscommunication, Nene is not really feeling it.

Porsha goes to Nene for some acting lessons   Why didn’t she call Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian or Rihanna?    Love ya Nene but……..

More Bravo Housewives Magic 

Kenya figures the best way to get the other women to stop blaming her for the Pillow Talk  mess is to gather them all together in another country.  Mexico for a couples weekend.   Before I could talk to the TV and ask where was her Boo?(The African Prince, Chief-man about town)  Kenya asked “Miss Lawrence if he would be her plus one.

Cynthia has a fitness team event called the “Bailey Bowl”  This is were we get a brief flash of the other cast mates Phaedra( without Apollo) Kandi, who had the wisdom to shut her trap about Monster Joyce, Todd and Carmon.  The brief camaraderie deteriorates into drama. Starring Nene and Marlo.

I respectfully would like to nominate Marlo Hampton for the prestigious

“I will get Camera Time,Bitch! award

There are many bloggers/writers who believe Marlo Hampton will become a regular cast member next year.      After last night episode they may be on to something.   Marlo wasn’t asked to join Nene’s team ” Team I’m Very Rich”   She was a member of Kenya’s team, ” Team Twirl”   But you wouldn’t know it.  from the moment she entered the building she went after Nene.

 Marlo goes over to Team Rich to inquire why she wasn’t asked to be on the team that includes all of Nene’s other bridesmaids.  Marlo who should be with her team, is jumping on Nene who is clearly not feelin it.   Before she can get an answer Kenya drags her away.   THEN, Kenya takes  Marlo over to Nene (they crash into her) so they can talk things out.   BOOM!!  It’s full out war.   Nene is not in the mood and the screaming begins. “get the f–k off me, b–ch”  and at one point she throws water Marlo’s way.

 Marlo pulls out all the stops….. She is now chasing Nene and her team who is leaving the field. “Bitches get they styles from me!” She also adds that Nene is insecure, and that she should tell all of Atlanta that she’s not talking to Marlo just because she’s become friends with “the next bitch” (the next bitch = Kenya).

 Some one in the background is screaming ” Marlo don’t give them this ( do they mean Bravo?)   She is chasing Nene and tells Nene her hair looks like Donald Trump’s  Her words and actions is clearly intended to keep the cameras on her and at the end (wait for it) She starts crying. deep crying(camera side of course), wiping her big azz invisible tears away.    

Marlo’s friendship with Kenya keeps her relevant.

Much of the talk this week, will be about Nene retreating.  A lot of people will call her a coward.  True?  I don’t know.   I’d like to think that the Queen Bee has read Marlo.  Marlo has been arrested several times and reportedly sliced a woman.   So it could be simple common sense.    Marlo clearly wants on the show and will do most anything to become a cast member.   A major slip of the tongue sealed her fate a few seasons ago ,when she called cast member Sheree Whitfield ugly and said hangs with faggots.   Marlo wont make that error again.

See ya next week

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