Wales Principle called POLICE when she discovered pupils plotted not to smile for school photo

The officer was invited into the village primary school in Anglesey, north Wales, to reprimand the pupils unwilling to pose correctly – a conduct hearing was told

No confidence: Teachers placed a vote of no confidence in strict Principle
  • By Luke Trayor/UK Mirror

A strict Principle(headmistress) was so angry when she discovered pupils were planning not to smile on a school photo that she called the POLICE – it has been alleged.

Livid Ann Hughes found out some children were planning to ‘spoil’ the picture and telephoned the cops, a professional conduct hearing was told.

It is alleged that an officer was invited into the village primary school in Anglesey, north Wales, to reprimand the pupils unwilling to pose correctly.

Mrs Hughes faces a catalogue of complaints including repeatedly calling one student ‘stupid’ and favoring children whose first language was Welsh.

The committee of the General Teaching Council for Wales heard on Tuesday that she failed to investigate the bullying of two pupils, shouted excessively in the classroom, often used the word ‘crap’, and unnecessarily criticized children’s mistakes.

One pupil at Ysgol Goronwy Owen watched as Mrs Hughes tore his examination paper in front of him when he had spelt his middle name wrong, the hearing as also told.

The school was engulfed in crisis in May 2011 when five of the six teachers simultaneously called in sick after earlier threatening industrial action following a vote of no confidence in Mrs Hughes.

Staff claimed there was a climate of ‘fear’ at the school before the Principle was suspended in July 2011 and later dismissed.

The case continues.