The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 6 ep17) Peter Thomas the Newest Housewife?

By CityFella:

Perhaps I’m confused.  A few weeks ago Bravo teased us with a confrontation between Peter Thomas and Gregg Leaks.  Wuh Happened?

Nene on the shores of Denial

Bravo saved us from a long rehash of the Bailey Bowl Brawl ( say that three times fast). Nene and Cynthia who haven’t seen each other since the BBB met at a store shopping for a swimsuit  for their Mexican Vacation.  Cynthia expressed disappointment at deterioration of the BBB.  Nene acted as if she wasn’t there ,asking Cynthia what happened?   As Cynthia uncomfortably attempted to review the BBB. Nene shut her down. ” I have no idea what your talking about and if you think for one second if were gonna talk about Marlo-you are absolutely out of your mind. Marlo is never coming up in a conversation with me!    Meanwhile  Kenya and Marlo reviewed BBB. Marlo tells Kenya, Nene threaten her” if your a friend of Kenya’s you cant be mine.”

A Very Brief Visit with Phaedra and her soon to be vanishing husband, Apollo

Phaedra has some misgivings about the trip to Mexico.   Misgivings=Apollo and Kenya.  Initially, Phaedra  says she doesn’t want Apollo to go.   But you know the folks at Bravo overrode that, cause they know there is going to be some fireworks between her identity stealing husband and Kenya.

Phaedra hasn’t had much of story line this season.(most of her drama has been off camera)  However, the woman is consistently funny.

This Week

“I’d rather Porsha take my Black History exams(ouch) than let “that Rentley driving, no-man-having, harlot in Atlanta,”

What is a Rentley?(ding) : A rented Bentley
(Kenya says its a gift from her African beau)

Peter Thomas RHOA’s Newest Housewife-Kordell Steward RHOA’s soon to be divorced husband

Peter Thomas (Cynthia’s husband) is clearly the most active househusband.  He has thrown shade and had fights with the Queen Bee.    Last night, Bravo went into uncharted waters.  A segment with just the househusbands.      Peter went to Kordell’s house (Porsha’s soon to be ex) to get his take on their divorce. (huh?)

 Kordell went for sympathy.  Single father, overbearing in-laws. (his mommy in law ate a large pepperoni pizza  on his cream chairs in their bedroom the horror-and dude if your concerned about the gay rumors, this doesn’t help “cream chairs”?) 

In Mexico, Peter then Kenya pounced on Porsha, about a very private matter(her divorce) that was really no ones business.  Other members joined in, including Todd ( Kandi’s Fiance)the only real ally she had was Gregg Leakes (Nene’s Husband). It was difficult not to feel sorry for Porsha who had defend every things she said.

“Next week Mexican Fireworks”

Last Week

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  1. Yeah I was wondering what happened to the fight between Peter and Greg? The episode did not show that, but the preview of the episode did.


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