Australian boy transported around the world by his parents for sexual abuse by pedophiles

  • By: Michael Madigan/The Courier Mail AU

An investigation has revealed the full story of jailed sex offenders Peter Truong and his American partner Mark Newton, who shopped their son around the world for more than six years, starting when he was 20 months old.

The investigation, by Australian Broadcasting  Corporation (ABC TV’s) Four Corners, uncovered more than 80 hours of footage of Newton having sex with his son on 12 occasions when the child was aged five.

Assistant US Attorney, southern Indiana, Steve DeBrota, said the two men filmed the child in horrible situations.

“We’re talking about, ah, sexual intercourse, oral and anal sexual intercourse from about age 20 months forward,’’ Mr DeBrota told Four Corners.

Detective Sergeant Ian Wells, from the Queensland Police Taskforce Argos, said Truong and Newton had lived a charmed life. “They portrayed themselves as the loving couple,” Sgt Wells said.

“It was almost like…the Brady Bunch of Cairns but two dads, beautiful boy, you know.’’

But Truong and Newton were actually seen as “rock stars” in the international pedophile community.

“Being able to move a kid around the world and have him victimized by numerous other people and still not be held accountable – that confers status,” Mr DeBrota said.

Truong and Newton bought the child for about $8000 from Russia in 2005.

Police say the pair allowed at least eight men in several different countries, including Australia, the US, Germany and France, to molest the boy when he was between two and six years old.

Truong and Newton are now serving 30 and 40 years respectively in a US prison.

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