Adventures in Online Dating 2014A He loves their Meatballs

He was an educated man.  A professor, taught at a University in New Jersey.  Divorced father of three.     She was recently divorced ,with two grown sons.  A California native, her work routinely takes her to New York.

The two shared a passion for MGM musicals, and Billie Holiday.   They had talked about meeting for months.    He loved Italian food and knew of many good restaurants across the river in Jersey.

She was looking for a friend, someone she could spend time with in New York.  He was excited about her visit.   He told her to take the Path train and gave her the address to the restaurant.  In the back of her mind, she thought it was odd, that he didn’t give her the name-perhaps she was over-thinking it.

The cab ride was long, it took her past Newark Airport, at one point she asked if the Taxi Driver was going in the right direction, he said yes, this is Ikea.   Ikea? she replied-that cant be right.  She tried to call her date, but there was no signal.

The Taxi turned into this vast parking lot and there he was.  Jeans and an brown Corduroy Jacket, after a brief hug they walked into Ikea.     He loves Ikea’s meatballs.  She was in a bit of shock.   She ordered Salmon.  She said she didn’t remember much of the conversation.  She does remember they went dutch and her cab ride was 37.40.  He drove her back downtown in an old Toyota with worn seat covers.   There was no connection.  When they arrived at the PATH station, he didn’t get out of the car.   Meatballs.

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