The Real Housewives of Atlanta (ep18) Apollo: Mucho El Stupdio


Last night’s episode (18) was one of peace, bonding and fun.   It was a nice change, as the season was slowly beginning to look like Basketball Wives.

There were huge snakes and small bats.  A strange tour guide.   Bus frivolity: Kandi dancing with Todd, Phaedra grinding on Apollo and Cynthia doing the robot ( Yes, and badly)    All the wives and the househusbands including Miss Lawrence were enjoying each other.  There was much laughter and smiles with  genuine bonding from unexpected places.

Todd, Kandi’s boo, shared his frustration with Monster Joyce with the group and got advice from the men.    Kenya, takes Cynthia, Kandi and Nene to a fertility shaman.   She said, she only wants to take the women who have been supportive of her efforts to get pregnant.  Nene  who said “I don’t really do Kenya.”  and the other women supported Kenya and shared their child experiences. Nice.

Are there limits to Apollo’s Stupidity?

Apparently not.

Its been a year, and one thing to clear, there is no love between Phaedra and Kenya.

Lets recap, shall we…..

Kenya openly flirted with Apollo.

He horse played in the pool with Kenya in front  his wife of the housewives and househusbands in Anguilla

Kenya asked Phaedra,  who would she choose in a three way with HER HUSBAND APOLLO.

THEN……Americas learns at the Reunion, Apollo and Kenya were texting or sexing each other. (Kenya had proof)

But that was last year…..So 2012 or 2013.

We know Phaedra ripped him a new one.  And so lesson learned.   One would think.!  Taking to Kenya Moore Bad,  wife may kill me.

Apparently Apollo brain is stuck between floors.   This season, he didn’t get it.   He continued telling his wife, he could have had Kenya.    He resented Phaedra  telling him who  he could talk to.   His savior, came in the form of Peter Thomas who told him, look  you need to apologize, and you need to leave her mortal enemy alone!

Don’t Look Apollo ,Camera’s

So now where in Mexico, “ole”.         Phaedra didn’t want him to come-but was probably overruled by Bravo.

The setting,  a natural spring.   Everyone is there.  Kenya tells everyone it a “A fountain of youth ” and encourages everyone to strip and swim.  Starting with Apollo.

Kenya strips down, she is wearing a yellow bikini. She walks by Apollo who is dazed and confused from the heavy stare of his wife. In a brief moment of weakness, he looks at Kenya’s ass as she walks up the stairs.  (It was great! Bravo,BRAVO)

El Stupido in Mexico

Peter, Todd, and Apollo are bonding and rolling cigars.  The men are giving Todd relationship advice.   All is mellow until Kenya and Miss Lawrence appears, breaking up the boys club.      She talks the guys into taking tequila shots.  Peter and Todd knows she’s up to trouble with Peter saying “This shit is a setup”   Kenya then ask’s Apollo to help pick her  pick out the Tequila.   Todd offers to serve as chaperon, on their little trip to the bar, but Kenya is able to shake him and get Apollo to a couch for some one-on-one time.   Kenya wants to talk to Apollo because she felt like after she and Phaedra had their falling out, the two of them were still cool, but then he started spreading lies about them meeting up in L.A.

Again that was so 2013, Apollo could have said, every thing has been said and kept it moving.     But not, the two of them went down memory lane with Apollo using his semi-signature line “I could have slept with you if I wanted to,”  Kenya was quick to respond “But I never offered you sex, Apollo.

Apollo the would be player counters with:  I can say how I feel. If those were my intentions, and there’s a lot of people who would…risk everything just because you’re a nice looking woman, they would take the opportunity. I was saying, if that was the case, then I would have jumped in, because you are an attractive woman, and guess what — any man could fall victim to that.  But at the end of the day I was just stating the fact: and the fact was, me as a man and who I am as a man, my physicality and your physicality, if that’s what I wanted to do, I felt like I could have done that.

Did you get that?  Did it make sense?

A conversation that should have never happened. Once again this his is wife’s enemy.     Kenya is smiling, flirting, the two are sharing a laugh.  Brain cells Apollo, Brain cells……    The men and Kandi who appears moments before wifey knows, this is about to take an ugly turn.

See Ya Next Week its the Southern Belle vs Ring my Bell

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  1. Don’t chu worry your pretty lil head about Apollo. This time next year he will be giving head in jail. Phaedra should be going with him. She knew what was happening, every wife does. The man making all that money and never wore a suit. I just feel bad for their children.


  2. Apollo is stupid and so his wife. One more Blackman going to jail leaving a black woman to raise his son’s alone. I hate Kenya, and wish she was off the show but she is a smart bitch who would fuck Apollo just to mess up his wife.


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