“If you let me suck your toe I’ll pay for your Groceries”

By CityFella:


31 year old Michael Anthony Brown  of North Carolina loves feet, he is especially passionate about toes.       PASSIONATE!   

He love toes soooo much, he’s done jail time.  Not once, but several times. He is a sex offender….. According to North Carolina records, Brown was placed on the state’s sex offender registry in mid-2004 following his release from prison (he served time for an “attempted rape or attempted sex offense” conviction).

On to da feet

Last week in a Lincolnton, North Carolina Walmart.  (yes a Walmart)  Michael struck up a conversation with a 35 year woman about shoes. WHERE!  he talked the woman into trying on several pairs of  shoes.   THE WOMAN, believed he was a Walmart EMPLOYEE!

(Side-friggin-Bar:  A question for  those people who have ever shopped in Wal Mart or K-Mart.  When did they ever employee people in their shoe departments?)

While helping the woman try on shoes, Brown allegedly took her foot, placed it in his mouth, and “began to suck on the victim’s toes.” When the woman became upset, Brown allegedly offered to pay for her groceries, according to police. Brown can be seen entering the Lincolnton Walmart in the below store surveillance photo.

Michael was caught by a Police Officer in another town who recognized him from the Walmart surveillance photo.  Michael was booked into jail on a felony count, Brown is being held in lieu of a $50,000 secured bond.

Hey Mike, come to California.   All yon need is a sign and cash.   Let them know up front.   BTW have you considered a burly man ? We need food too.

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