Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Reunion: Porsha grabs Kenya’s real Hair and drops Kenya on her questionable assets

By CityFella

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls on to the main event.  Without further a do Porsha laid Kenya out.   The former Mrs Steward snapped.  She grabbed Kenya’s real hair (its not a weave) and dropped her on her real or not so real ass( We’ll get to that later).


Kenya went after Porsha using props.  First pointing a silver scepter (which was forcibly removed my Ms Steward) then Kenya used a small megaphone to drown Porsha out.     What seemed to push Porsha over was Kenya’s accusing Porsha of cheating on her ex.    Porsha stood up and then Kenya stood up (this isn’t the first time)and Porsha grabbed Kenya’s hair and dragged her .

Separated, Kenya storms off the set calling for Porsha’s head.

Meanwhile, Porsha is on the floor devastated, crying, saying  “I can’t believe I did that,” “I have embarrassed myself. I’m so embarrassed… I can’t believe that ratchet ho made me go there.”  . She was so ashamed of what she had done that it took most of the women to get her to calm down.  Movements later Andy met with both women in their dressing rooms.  He apologized to Kenya  and sent Porsha home.  

Bravo’s No Violence Policy?

If your like me , you shook your head huh?   Lets take a brief walk down housewives lane.   Real Housewives of Atlanta fans remember Sheree Whitfield pulling Kim Zolciak’s wig.      Kim also accused Nene of choking her.

The Jersey Franchise is the Housewives Title holder. The second most popular franchise is filled with violence  from Season’s 2  fight between Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub.  Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashley grabbed a small chunk of Danielle’s hair in the same fight.    Season three opened with a major brawl  after a baptism.  Several fights broke out , there were children crying, screaming women and Bravo’s own cameras where  knock down.   Last season, a brawl took out a boutique, reports of arrest and blood on the wall.  There were other brawls involving Jersey cast mates.    

Finally, this season Atlanta brawl with Apollo Nida using Kenya’s friend  Christopher as a punching bag.   Not one of these individuals lost their jobs.  

In last nights episode Porsha pulls Kenya hair.  The episode was film March 28th.  Last week ,on Wednesday, April 16, to the Fulton County Sheriff, where she was booked and released on a simple battery misdemeanor charge. 

The rest of the Reunion (You’ll need an umbrella for the shade)

Apollo’s  Arrest:  Phaedra’s home life. She says all is currently well at the moment and that she had never been dragged into Apollo’s legal issues. Nor does she plan to get involved. 

Twerk it, Baby:  Yes we’ve seen the ladies twerk, hard at twerk or in Cynthia’s case bringing back the Robot.  One viewer said Cynthia was an embarrassment as a black woman. Also that she was at risk of losing Peter if she didn’t get her act together.   YIKES  would that same lady say Maya Angelou was an embarrassment? (get a life!-bet she shops at Sears)

Kenya’s Butt: Real or “I just cant believe its not Butta” Kenya denies it’s fake and that she’s not offended by people thinking otherwise. Because she pretty! Even if people…say like Phaedra have called it a diaper butt. Kenya has never had a problem with getting a guy and so other people’s opinions don’t bother her. 

The Queen of Shade: Nene has been tossing a lot of it this season .  From the seating position to body language.  Nene and Cynthia are not in sync.  Nene was noticeably quiet during the twerking segment, she didn’t support her bestie.  She insulted Kandi’s play by saying she wasn’t going to go from Ryan Murphy to Kandi’s production.  Kandi was late to one of Nene’s events and still she stopped to grab something to eat. Nene was upset and Kenya was upset, but Nene made a dig at Kandi’s weight. Kandi was upset by it and Nene thought she shouldn’t be. It was an off the cuff remark.

Kandi’sKool:  So far Kandi is cool. So Nene talked about her play.  It’s going on tour and is on DVD.  Nene talked about Kandi’s weigh. Kandi took the high road, but I’m not.   Mirror, mirror on the wall-when they say widebody, you say Nene!

Velvet and the African Prince:  Everyone reached out the Kenya about her beloved dog except for Nene. Phaedra reached out, but Kenya wasn’t having it.     No one has seen princey.  Which conjured up memories of Walter, the rent-a-boyfriend.

 Kenya swears Nene had met her boyfriend and as far as Nene is concerned she doesn’t know who she met that day. Some guy off the street tried to talk to her and she dismissed him because frankly she didn’t know who he was.   Kenya smarting from Walter and the invisible prince went after some of the ladies about Karma.

On to the brawl……….and the aftermath.



  1. I’ve been following this blog for a few months now. You make a very good point on Bravo’s no violence policy. You should review Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.


  2. Someone need to beat Kenya’s ass. You cant say the things she says without repercussions.


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