The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Reunion Part 2: Monster/Mama Joyce takes the night (Watch Out Nene)

By CityFella:

The much anticipated fight is over and the night could have gone downhill without the appearance of Kandi’s mother Joyce.

Kenya Moore is on the sofa and Porsha was given a time out.   Phaedra and Nene was team Porsha, feeling she was provoked  with her bullhorn and her scepter.  Kenya being Kenya defended her  actions and said Porsha has other problems.

Whats up with Nene?

Nene Leakes seems a bit out of it, she seems to be going through the motions.  Is she tired? in pain? or just done.   The fire is on medium low-(could be me?)

Trip to Athens  

What a difference a reunion makes.  Last year Nene reportedly campaigned for Phaedra  to be kicked off the show..   This year they have bonded, while the two aren’t besties they seem to tolerate each other .   Ms Phaedra was quite the lady last night. I’m not sure how many women(even a Christian woman ) could sit calmly after one of her cast mates suggested she was a head doctor in high school?

Yes, Yes, Yesss,Nene  gave her standard, yes I apologize so lets move on apology.

Now entering from stage right…Monster-Mama Joyce!

If you’ve watched earlier seasons of RHOA Monster-Mama Joyce was once the mature voice in on the show, she was the grandma who made nicey nice.  (Remember when she tried to get Kim and Nene back together?)

Well that was sooo season 5,4,3……  This season Monster Joyce was drama central (sorry Kenya). Threats of Violence,rumors, down right lies, threats, belong the the leader of the Old Lady Gang (Da OLG)

Joyce entered the room cocked and ready.  She didn’t need a coach or a publicist . Joyce got this!

She opened with look how good I look, I lost 40 pounds (and she did look good)

The woman can read, she knew, the negative mail,tweets, comments and she deflected them like an old politician.  (I hope Nene and Kenya took notes.)   And while she did throw shade ( the wedding is in two weeks) she wisely stayed away from bad mouthing her future son-in Law. This was a week before the wedding and she promised not to object.

She denied feeling threatened by Todd over money.  Joyce told Andy she was  financially sound and helped Kandi become the millionaire she is.    

True to form, when Kandi confronted her mother about opening credit cards in (Kandi’s) name that blowing dollars on gambling and home shopping networks. Joyce got loud and defensive ”  I spend my money on what I want to,”       Kandi did make it known, she does financially support her mother.  

As for the musical , Mama Joyce enjoyed it but didn’t feel like it was really her

Joyce went for sympathy saying , she worked hard for the money,  10 hours a day for her kids.  She leaned over to Nene and told Nene she would have stripped too. To make sure her family was taken care of and added she had quite the figure back then.

VP Joe Biden would have been proud to work the crowd the way Joyce worked that sofa.  She was funny, and dare I say  charming and despite all the negativity surrounding her. she generated smiles from everyone  including Andy Cohen who was smitten.

Cynthia and Nene

Cynthia Bailey and Nene Leakes have been besties since Cynthia arrived on the show in season three (remember the controversial friendship contract?)

This season the unemployed Leakes has slammed Cynthia and company this season.

First, Nene  loudly objected to Cynthia’s 14-year-old daughter dating.  Next  Nene got upset when Cynthia’s husband Peter Thomas objected to her nasty attitude at that Kenya fundraiser, Nene said he was behaving like a “bitch.

Nene’s apologies are casual, leaving one  to question her sincerity.   At the end of the season, the two couples (Nene and Gregg, Cynthia and Peter) kissed and made up at dinner ., However the make up was temporary and the two haven’t  spoken in months.

A few weeks ago Nene was on “Bravos” “Watch was Happen’ and suggested  Cynthia was the most dispensable of the housewives because she was boring.

Cynthia acknowledges her loyalty to Nene had been so strong, folks thought she was Nene’s lapdog.   At one point, she began to cry. “I see so many of her friends come and go and I feel like at the end of the day, there’s a sisterhood there. There’s a love there. But I never felt a respect is there.”

Nene seemed cold and indifferent.  Which wasn’t lost on Andy Cohen.  She refused to talk about her friendship with Cynthia in front of the world and the other ladies – “like you give a f***.”.

Cynthia touched the other housewives.   Kandi feels Nene comes across as a “selfish friend.”   Kenya chimed in ….you called Porsha, selfish .  Kenya went on to say, Nene’s  attitude shows she doesn’t care about her as a friend.

“I’m not sure if she’s even aware she can be shady,” Cynthia said. “Not friendly, not inviting. I read her blog going in on me. If you say anything slightly demeaning, she feels attacked.”   Nene denied playing dirty. She said if she had called NeNe’s husband a “bitch,” it would have been over. 

It was all very sad

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