Chrysler What did you do!

By CityFella

The New York International Auto Show is one of most important car shows in the world (Sorry Sacramento)  new cars are often introduced to the world at this show.

This year Chrysler/Fiat introduced a refreshed 2015 Dodge Charger.


Many of my followers know, I like the current Dodge Charger. Front to rear you know its a Charger (especially at night) .   No car says get the “F” out of my way like the Charger


The nose completes this bad assed American Machine. 

Someone at Chrysler, shot off the nose and for 2015  they gave us THIS!



Doesn’t it look a bit like this? 

2014 Dodge Dart GT




And NOW a short Story.

Before 1994, the Dodge Ram Pickup was an invisible truck.  Ford and Chevy outsold Dodge 4 to 1.   Chrysler wanted to change that.  They did their homework and discovered, full-sized pickup buyers were enamored of a strong exterior design that suggested the “look of a big rig truck!



In 1993 Chrysler sold just over 100,000 trucks.  A year later Chrysler sold 240,000 trucks.  Last month for the first time,  Chrysler sold more trucks than Chevy.     They didn’t mess with the formula… 

 So Chrysler, you shouldn’t have messed with the formula.  Who wants a Charger that looks like a Dart ?   How bout a Dart that looks like a Charger.

The Charger represents a dying breed. Its one of the few vehicles where you can a STILL GET AN AMERICAN  V friggen 8 !!!     The writing is on the wall for the V8’s.     Mercedes, BMW, and other automakers are using supercharged four cylinder engines.  Ford is placing an “Ecoboost 4 cylinder in the 2015  Mustang. 

I love the 2011-2014 Charger, its very quiet, handles well . The standard 6 cylinder engine with 300 horsepower gets 31 on the highway.  If I didn’t live in a parking challenged area,I would own one of these bad boys.

Another blogger told me to be open to change. He said CityFella, its 2015 and the car needed a refresh.  He said I’ll probably  change my opinion when I see it in person at the LA Auto show.

To him I say, kick rocks….

I want the kick ass Charger back!

Dammit  Chrysler DAMMIT!!

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