The Woman who ended Donald Sterling’s Association with the NBA

By: CityFella

V for Vanessa Stiviano ,the female voice on the infamous tape leaked to TMZ is the woman of the moment.   

Who is she, why did she date and tape Los Angeles Clippers  owner Donald Sterling?  

Her attorney Mac Nehoray, has said  Stiviano did not release the tape to any news media outlet.   She is currently the most sought after woman in the US.  With media outlets clamoring to hear her story.   Who will get her first? Barbara Walters? Oprah Winfrey? Diane Sawyer?   Or does she have a mysterious past too embarrassing for prime time.   Is there a book in the works?

Her life as she knew it is over.  This is her 15 minutes and every thing she has ever done is being analysed and dissected.

What we know so far…..

She is between 31 or 38 years old .  Her birth name is Maria Vanessa Perez .  Through the years she has gone by Monica Gallegos, Vanessa Perez, and Maria Valdez according to the LA Times.   Online, she describe herself as an artist, lover, writer, chef, poet, stylist and philanthropist.

  In 2010, Stiviano legally changed her name to V. Stiviano from Maria Vanessa Perez. Her stated reason in a court petition: She had not “yet been fully accepted because of my race.

“In the court papers filed by Sterling’s wife Rochelle, alleges Vanessa met her husband at the 2010 Super Bowl in Miami.

What she does is a mystery at this time. At one point in an advertisement  for a charity luncheon in 2011.  She was listed as a director of the Donald T. Sterling, Foundation.

Boyfriend? Vanessa says No, Mrs Sterling says yes!


“Neither Ms. Stiviano, nor this office has ever alleged that Ms. Stiviano is, or ever was, Mr. Sterling’s girlfriend, her attorney said in a statement.

On March 7, Rochelle Sterling filed a lawsuit.  In the lawsuit Mrs Sterling says  Ms Stiviano ” Engages in conduct designed to target,befriend,seduce and then entice,cajole ,borrow from ,cheat and or received gifts as transfers of wealth from wealthy older men whom she targets for such purpose”

That’s a lot of words-what she get? 

$1.8 million duplex,two Bentleys, one Ferrari, and one Range Rover and about $240,000 in “living expenses.” The allegation, then, is that Donald Sterling gave Stiviano about $2 million in community property without Rochelle Sterling’s knowledge.

Vanessa says (via her attorney)

Everything given by Donald Sterling was a gift; that gifts cannot be revoked by the giver, and that the Sterling’s are not currently seeking a legal divorce. 


Things that make you go hmm? 

Ms Stiviano attorneys insists she did NOT leak the tapes to the press.  How ever the timing is curious.   Rochelle Sterling filed the lawsuit on March 7th .   Ms Stiviano’s attorneys responded (answered) the lawsuit on April 21st.

TMZ released the tapes last Friday, April 28th.


Vanessa Stiviano Loves her Instragram (Could they hurt her?)

Vanessa love her pictures.  She has hundreds of them. With friend and celebrities.

Ms Stiviano has taken pictures with Presidents ,Kobe, Magic and a former pimp, Bishop Don Magic Juan. 

What did she win?

If Ms Stiviano and company set to bring Donald Sterling down they partially succeeded.  He is banned from the NBA .   If seventy five percent of the NBA owners force Sterling to sell the team (valued at nearly 600 million) he bought for 12.5 million.   He will still be a Billionaire, a racist Billionaire.   The question is, what did she win?


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