Road Rage: Isabelle Salgado’s Attorney says “Her first concern was with the boy”

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By CityFella,

A water bottle struck her car

Isabelle Marie Salgado was 17 Sunday, when the  Mercedes SUV she was driving hit a 13 year old in the  3000 block of Yellowstone Lane  in the  Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento.      In the SUV was her 8 year old sister.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and jacked up the car to free the boy. He was taken to UC Davis Medical Center with some bruising and visible tire marks, authorities said.   He’s really lucky to be alive, especially since his bike was well behind her car, “It could have been a lot worse if that tree hadn’t saved him.”

The broken axle saved the boy’s life.     Instead of being pinned under a wheel, the boy was trapped under the engine and between the two front wheels.

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Witnesses Say’s

Witnesses told authorities, the 13-year-old and his 7-year-old brother were riding their bicycles northbound on Yellowstone Lane when the older boy threw a water bottle at a passing a Mercedes SUV.   Isabelle then made a U-turn and drove toward the boy.

The 13-year-old boy then rode his bike onto a  front lawn and yelled, “stop, stop, stop.” Witnesses said they heard the SUV accelerate and run over the boy’s bike. The driver then hit a tree, breaking the SUV’s front axle.

They overheard Salgado on her cell phone telling someone she had tried to hit the boy.

Witnesses claim the boy was yelling for her to stop after she started chasing him.

There were  five witness statements from neighbors, who said they were shocked by the incident.    

Numerous witnesses and CHP investigators also describe Salgado as having a lack of remorse immediately after the incident.

“When we booked her she seemed very ambivalent, and when we told her were she was being booked on assault with a deadly weapon charges she was rather blasé,” “It was rather disturbing actually

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Her  Attorney Todd Lerus Say’s

 “There’s been an effort to smear her and try this case in the press “

A few days ago……    He said, the boys were mischief-minded, and that the collision was an accident. He said Salgado exhibited compassion and that the prosecution has been in a rush to judgment. If the boys’ behavior had led Salgado to crash.      

“This is a classic example of young boys being out unsupervised throwing things at cars,” said Leras, who added that he had no evidence the boys threw multiple items. “They (prosecutors) are basing a lot of decisions … on very little information.”

Her first concern was with the boy.

Yesterday, he said “There’s been an effort to smear her and try this case in the press,”

She wasn’t chasing them out of road rage, but to find out who was throwing something at her vehicle.

“In an effort to find out who they were and where they were going, she did go after where they fled,” Leras explained.   Witnesses claim the boy was yelling for her to stop after she started chasing him. Leras said that’s wrong.   “That’s incorrect,” Leras added. “It was Isabelle yelling stop because he had thrown the bottle unprovoked at the car.”

She is very concerned about how the boy is doing. “After the accident, she was holding the hand of the young boy and comforted him,” 

Isabelle Marie Salgado turned 18 on Wednesday

Yesterday, Sacramento  County District Attorney announced she will be tried as an adult on one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

The hearing is set for June 19th.



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