Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 6 Reunion Part 3: Bloody, Deep, Dark, Ugly

By CityFella

After the well publicized fight in part one of The Real Housewives Reunion, last weeks (part  two) was a bit slow.

Part three was ugly.  The war between Kenya and Nene often overwhelmed the show and at times became boring as the two circled the drain.   Andy Cohen lost control of the show.  By the end of the evening both ladies were bloodied and in this war, they both lost.

Kenya vs Nene who is Real Queen?

You want to be the new ‘queen’ honey, but it’s not gonna happen!” ~ Nene Leakes to Kenya Moore

Kenya took on Porsha and was victorious.  Nene is a different animal, even wounded Nene is formidable!

In late February’s Bravo Blog:  Nene wrote:  “None of these b***hes here are on my level I’m on.”

Kenya Moore fired back on her Bravo blog:  “Kandi is a Grammy award-winning songwriter and astute businesswoman and actual “rich b***h,” Cynthia is an accomplished model and businesswoman, and Phaedra is an attorney, and I am a former Miss USA and the only one in the group with an actual crown. Unlike NeNe, I can’t be dethroned as I’m a part of history. With that said, NeNe is a former stripper with a few short-lived gigs in Hollywood given to her by one man. My scoreboard says that makes HER not on our level.

That was a direct hit!   Throughout the night.  Nene referred to herself as a “a former stripper with a few short-lived gigs in Hollywood”

Kenya accused Nene of trying to control everyone  and says Nene has a history of being a dictator.  Kenya had a text message sent to Marlo.   Nene quickly cleaned it up and said ”  Kenya was trying to stir mess up by bring Marlo around. and that she told Marlo if she wanted face time,their friendship was over.

Cynthia, who was a part of that call backed up her former buddy by saying the relationship between Nene and Marlo was strained before Kenya entered the picture.

Andy Cohen asks if  Kenya was hanging out with Marlo just to get under Nene skin?  No  not her.   Nene went on to say the issues with Marlo is deeper and its none of Kenya’s business as she was a friend to Marlo when no one else was.

Recurring Theme 

Let’s be  clear……Nene’s  is going to have her say!   She  is very sure she is right and and if she is wrong, she is very dismissive and her apologize are quick and seem cold. .  I said I was sorry so lets move it along.  “Oh girl bye!  Last week Cynthia was immediately dismissed last week,when she suggested Nene was one sided.  (She can dish it out,but cant take it)  Kandi said, Nene has a tendency to make herself seem more accomplished than her castmates.     Last night Nene was wounded, and  lashed out at everyone including Andy Cohen.

Nene broke code big time.  She talked about family, someone else .  In a blog she went after Kandi’s mom Joyce.     Its an unwritten rule, I can say anything I want about MY husband and MY family and I am the only one who can say it.

 Kandi to Nene:  “I try to keep everybody at a certain level of respect even if I don’t, you know, necessarily care the most for you. I try not to speak on your kids, your parents, your husband, and I try not to address anything that hasn’t been talked about on the show. But you do it all the time.”  

NeNe: “Really?”

Kandi: “Yes, you do. And in that instance, that sh-t pissed me off.”  NeNe calmly asked what Kandi wanted her to do about it. Kandi said she could’ve apologized.

NeNe [raising her voice]: “I just told you that’s how I felt. That’s how I felt!”

Kandi: “So you’re trying to say my mom is low in the gutter?

NeNe: “Did I say she was low in the gutter? Did I write she was low in the gutter?”

Kandi [speaking over NeNe]: “You said you would not stoop so low like Mama Joyce to be in the gutter!”

NeNe said she would not stoop so low as to throw a shoe or drag someone, like Joyce. The fight went on and got louder, and you can watch it play out. Even Andy Cohen wondered if NeNe could just apologize for her comment.

NeNe: “I don’t feel like I was being disrespectful.”

Kandi: “You don’t ever feel like you’re doing nothing, that’s the point!”

Yikes, Queen Bee.

Kenya created RHOA Kenya, the evil, nasty, s*** stirrer.    She was successful, I cant think of anyone in the housewives franchise is disliked as much as Kenya Moore.   In her second season she attempted to create Kenya 2.1  a  s***  stirrer with a soft side.   Problem is while her castmates  empathizes with her wanting to have children, and the loss of her dog Velvet, they don’t trust Kenya 2.1.     If she can turn  on the Queen Bee………

Kenya inserts herself into conversations and situations to keep herself relevant.   With the exception of Phaedra all of Kenya  has tried to befriend her castmates.  This wasn’t lost on fans who  said  early in the season Kenya was kissing Nene’ ass.

A Quick Visit with The Men

Todd, Peter, Gregg  and Apollo.   Todd was hurt by Monster Joyce’s opinion of him. However Kandi’s father gave  father gave his permission for them to get married and he would hope MJ would embrace him. He is very close to his own mother so he does not understand Monster Joyce’s behavior.    

Ok, I’m a fan of Peter Thomas, he is not good with money but he is his own man.  They show film of Peter getting into everybody’s business. Cynthia say’s she lets him get into their business because he’s going to have an opinion no matter what. Peter seconds that he doesn’t care if they don’t like him giving his opinion: “When they say that…here’s my peach he bites in to make his point?  He wants to be peach?   Anywho, Peter does not like the word “bitch” – he would never call any of his four baby mamas, or the other Housewives a bitch. 

Gregg: Thinks Nene saying Peter was acting like a bitch was misconstrued and it’s “a waste of valuable brain cells” for them to keep talking about it. The thought the issue between the couples was squashed .

Peter say’s Cynthia and Nene used to talk 10-15 times a day.

Apollo Nida, the dumb ass elephant in the room:  Andy’s question about his legal troubles lasted 15 seconds.  He knows he going to jail.   Then he goes after Kenya. He tells Kenya, “You bests hope nothing happens to me because you might not have a job. I’m your storyline. I sustain your career…I built you, so stop playing games.”     He had other silly things to say, but if I type them I will shoot myself moving on.

Phaedra Parks DON’T PLAY!

Kenya, Nene don’t mess with Ms Parks.    If Kenya has a natural enemy, its Phaedra Parks.  Kenya flirted and went after Apollo!   Kenya was warned, keep your paws off Apollo.    Kenya being Kenya……..

Phaedra is done with Apollo,you could tell by the body language.  Andy Cohen going through the motions.  Andy: it’s good to see Apollo and Phaedra together.  He asks about rumors that have been floating around and Apollo says “We’ve never been separated, but marriage takes its toll,”  They looked  awkward with Phaedra scolding Apollo under her breath. Andy asks if her being less busy has improved their sex life . Phaedra once again reiterates that she has jobsssss: “He does what he wants to do and I do what I need to do to keep our family intact.”

Kenya and Apollo bickers about texts, again.   Kenya  claims Apollo texted her last week and pulls out her phone. Apollo yanks out his phone to prove that she actually texted him.  Kenya calls for Security.

 Ms Parks ( I say respectfully) is not having it! 

Kenya always talks about how Phaedra copulated with criminal Phaedra shuts Kenya up. Phaedra reminds us that this texting stuff happened in 2012 and Kenya is the one who keeps bringing it up and making it a focal point on the show.

She has nothing else going on,” Phaedra begins. “While she’s running around talking about my husband and the father of my children, she spends her weekends pedaling through sperm banks looking through catalogs trying to find a donor… Honey, you don’t know if your baby daddy will be an ax murderer or a child molester. But what you will know is that he needed $10 to get him a medium-size pizza, so he ejaculated into a cup, so you could have a kid.” 

Man, I felt sorry for Kenya.  The whole set was silent….

Kenya has no response because she refuses to roll around in the mud with pigs anymore.  Andy asks her if she’s leaving the show.  She doesn’t respond.(perhaps she is in a state of shock)

Pillow Tawk!

Nene blamed Kenya for the fiasco. For getting out of her seat.   Public opinion blames Nene.

Kenya said  when she arrived late to Pillow Talk, as they were mic-ing her up she could hear Nene screaming, “F-ck the producers! I know why y’all are trying to make Kenya late,you’re trying to make her the star of the show!” (that’s a stretch Kenya)

Apollo says that he and Brandon talked for two hours the day after he beat him up on a bean bag chair and he apologized because neither of them should have been put in that position. He also says, “There’s a lot of young men and young women who look up to me, and that’s nor how I should have acted.” (fainted and on the flo-look up to Apollo?) 

Nene,Nene, Nene

Andy tells Nene the gay community was “livid” at her continually calling Brandon a “queen,” and she says  “Really?” “You thought that?” “OK,” “If I offended you or anybody else in the gay community then I apologize for that”

 When Andy doesn’t seem altogether convinced she innocently asks, “Do I need to pull down your pants and kiss your ass? Should I hold a gay FUNK-shun?” 

Nene’s gay fan base built her.  She went to work for a gay man who adores her. “Ryan Murphy” who hired her for Glee and The New Normal.

Her other fan is Andy Cohen……

Andy asks Nene is she’s done with the show? (Yikes) she says no.

Who will be around Season 7? 

Will there be a NY shake up for season 7.  After last night, the only clear person is Kandi.    Phaedra received little air time this season.  However, she is the shadiest.   Peter and Nene  keeps Cynthia relevant .   Porsha …I will be very surprised.  Kenya, Kray Kray keep people tuning in..but people hate her.  Finally Nene. Nene is very sensitive and destructive, she is very likable, but not this season.  She earns a hefty check from Bravo…….Its a wait and see


To RHOA fans see ya next season.

Next is RHONJ



Last week, Fun with Momma/Monster Joyce





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