NBA may ban Donald Sterling, but he isn’t going away, unless he chooses to.

By: CityFella

Tape “O” Rama

The counter tape!

He grew up in East LA, where  he was the president of the high school  at a time 50 percent of the student body was black and 40 was Hispanic.   Clearly they liked him before he owned real estate

It broke his heart Magic Johnson, a man who he respects so much wouldn’t stand up and say, ” Well lets get the facts.    Well, didn’t he ? when he and the rest of the world heard you say, you didn’t like your friend or girlfriend taking pictures with him and lumped him in a group of  other “blacks” ?

You can’t force someone to sell property in America! I’m a lawyer, that’s my opinion,’    He wrong but, in this instance he may be right.


NBA Holey Holes

When I read the National Basketball Association Bylaws  last revised May 12,2012.  There are many rules,codes of conduct with regard to the players.  But few for the owners.

My eyes, your eyes…. The Constitution and By Laws of the” National Basketball Association”


As the Dust Settles, What did Donald Sterling Do? (WDDSD?)

Yes, he made racist statements on an illegal recording  (In California both parties have to consent) .

He has made derogatory statements about Blacks and Hispanics in the past.

Racist comments or Racism isn’t addressed in the NBA Constitution.    So what did Donald Sterling do?  How does his racist views affect the players, and staff? Yes, a former employee (Elgin Baylor) sued  Donald Sterling, accused Sterling for wrongful termination and accused Sterling of age and racial discrimination and of racism. Baylor was unsuccessful. Are the other suits pending or calls of racism?   .

Clay Travis of Fox Sports writes. While Sterling may be racist, there’s nothing in the termination clause of the NBA bylaws that allows the league to take his team for that reason.  

When you actually examine the NBA’s posted bylaws, I don’t believe Adam Silver or the league has the legal authority to take Donald Sterling’s team from him. As a highly trained lawyer Silver probably knows this as well — in fact, I think it’s why he looked so nervous at the press conference, because he knew he didn’t have the legal authority to support his announced penalties. The failure of most media to even examine the bylaws to determine whether or not Silver has the authority to undertake the actions he’s proposed, is a glaring flaw of the reporting surrounding this story. In the end, Silver got his bold headlines praising him for taking a strong stand, but the underlying support in the bylaws for taking Donald Sterling’s team just isn’t there.  


Donald Sterling Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Now What?

Donald Sterling’s brand is irreparably damaged. No amount of tapes, kissing black and brown babies can repair his image.  His wife Shelly will be damaged as details emerge from her  lawsuit against V. for Vanessa Stiviano.

If Sterling retains ownership of the Clippers.  Will fans boycott the Clippers?  Will 80% of his staff leave or in the case of the players request to be traded?

While all of its possible, in time this will fade.

At the end of the day, the NBA is responsible. Donald Sterling racist views wasn’t unknown.   I struggle with Black and Hispanics as well as NBA executives who drank his liquor and enjoyed many event’s hosted by Sterling.  After the tape was introduced he became a pariah.

If there is a wave of public discontent resulting in fewer ticket sales,  don’t blame Donald Sterling, blame the NBA.    The NBA  will have to change.  A change in the bylaws, drafting  a Code of Conduct that  penalizes players and owners alike for racist, homophobic statements. At the end of the day, Sterling may be good for Sports.










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