Toronto Has Rob Ford-San Joaquin County, Cailfornia Could Have Gary Hickey

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Rob Ford, Toronto Canada’s infamous Mayor known for public drunkenness, driving under the influence and  you tube videos. where he was filmed smoking crack cocaine.   Mayor Ford is currently in Rehab, and intend to run for re-election.

Three thousand miles west of Toronto is Lodi, California the home of  Attorney and former prosecutor Gary Hickey is running for  San Joaquin County District Attorney seat.   

The Lodi News Sentinel reports:  Court documents says,Gary Hickey has faced varied legal challenges, including a hit-and-run accusation, allegations of appearing in court intoxicated and discipline by the State Bar of California.

Last August, Hickey was charged with a misdemeanor count of hit-and-run resulting in property damage after he crashed his car into a telephone pole and fled the scene last August, according to court documents.

In November, Hickey pleaded in abeyance, requiring him to follow orders in exchange for the charge being dismissed. As a result, he also pleaded no contest.

According to The Stockton Record, police and fire crews responded around 11:45 a.m. to Cleveland and El Dorado streets in Stockton where a 2001 Mercedes SL500 had struck and damaged a telephone pole.  The driver left before authorities arrived, but Hickey’s driver’s license was found in the passenger side door.

Hickey was ordered to pay restitution to the telephone company and show proof to the court.

Reveal that Hickey faced criminal charges as early as 1991, when he was charged with resisting arrest and disturbing the peace by being too loud. The District Attorney’s office dismissed the charges the following year.

“I’m A Trail Lawyer-I Don’t Quit”

Gary Hickey to Stockton Record Reporter

According to the State Bar of California’s website, Hickey was disciplined for professional misconduct by the state of California in 1998. The citation was classified as a private reproval, meaning “the attorney did something wrong but may still practice law.”

Last month Hickey was arrested three times.

Garry Hickey arrested Saturday on suspicion of assault

“The 23rd he was arrested for drunk in public.

About 24 hours later, Lodi police said Hickey and the victim Jim Ferroni had a dispute over payment to a caretaker, and Ferroni dislocated his hip during the altercation. “He come back and got me from the side and hit me with a shoe,” Ferroni said.   The attack took place inside Hickey’s home.   Lodi Police charged him with an  assault and battery misdemeanor.  Ferroni was treated at a hospital in Lodi and then transferred to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Stockon. An emergency room nurse said Ferroni’s hip was slipped back into place by doctors before he was released.

Last Friday, Police several received calls throughout the day saying Hickey was drunk and driving a U-Haul vehicle through a Lodi neighborhood. When officers arrived at one of Hickey’s Lodi homes, they saw him exit the home with an alcoholic beverage in his hand. Police said that’s when he was arrested.

Last Saturday, (yes the day after Friday) he was arrested again, on suspicion of assaulting a woman while he was intoxicated at his home, according to Sgt. Steve Maynard of the Lodi Police Department.

The woman, whose name was not released, is a co-resident of the home. She called the police to press charges against Hickey at 9:15 p.m. Hickey was arrested by Officer Dominic Carillo on suspicion of misdemeanor assault. Hickey will remain in the sobering cell for six to eight hours, or until he is no longer intoxicated.

His brother Larry, said he didn’t think his brother has a drinking problem.


 Ford Still Popular-Hope for Hickey? 

Say what you want about Rob Ford the world most famous Canadian.  Despite all his troubles, he is still a formidable candidate in Toronto politics   Even with his absence ,recent polls have shown Ford in second place in popular support behind Chow despite last year’s revelations about crack, which made headlines globally and drew ridicule from U.S. late-night talk show hosts.

First elected mayor in 2010, Ford has maintained a cost-cutting “respect the taxpayer” mantra that has resonated with many suburban voters.

Hickey faces a monumental hill, yet good or bad at the end of the day, he has name recognition.  In the ballot box who’s name will voters recognize?   Gary Hickey or what’s his name?    We’ll see June 3rd.

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