Its a Kool Aid World


What is Kool Aid…

A powder, sold  in either packets or small tubs. The drink is prepared by mixing the powder with sugar and water . The drink is usually served with ice or refrigerated and served chilled.

According to Wiki, Kool-Aid was invented by Edwin Perkins in Hastings ,Nebraska.  It was born from a liquid concentrate called Fruit Smack.

In 1927, Perkins discovered a way to removed the liquid, leaving only a powder.  Kool Aid was born.

In 1932 he moved his operations to Chicago. In 1953 he sold Kool Aid to General Mills and in 2012 Kraft bought Kool Aid.

Today’s Kool Aid is made in Mexico.

There was a time in America when Carbonated Soft Drinks were expensive and considered a luxury for lower income families.

For a little more than 12 cents  you could make a 64 ounces of Kool Aid. (Today its closer 80 cents)

Today its still apart of the culture.

The popularity of the brand was slowly declining and by 2012 the total sales where 338 million dollars, 5% lower than the year before.

In 2011, Kraft began allocating the majority of the Kool-Aid marketing budget towards Latinos. According to the brand, almost 20 percent of Kool-Aid drinkers are Hispanic, and slightly more than 20 percent are African-American.

Too Kool for Kool Aid

Many upwardly mobile Hispanics and Blacks have abandon, Kool Aid for healthier options and for some Kool Aid is like a Mini Van, it makes sense but you don’t want to be seen driving one.

Last year I was in a Whole Food Store in Austin,Texas and someone asked where the Kool Aid was?   This is Whole Foods? (KoolAidSnobs). Kool Aid ? Sorry, we don’t carry it.

At check out, a discussion began.  Oh its been years since I had Kool Aid.  A second person ” Its bad for you,but I still love it.”  The first woman, I was at my uncle house at Thanksgiving and he had a punch bowl filled with fruit, it took me back and now I am craving it, she seems a bit embarrassed.   A man comes over, he initially listens and then adds, I grew up on Kool Aid, I still love it .

Lights Action Kool Aid  

How many foods and drinks can change your  hair color and make up.


    You can Drink the whats leftover

    There are over 100 variations of Kool Aid, you can dress Kool Aid up.

    ” Pour three or four 2-liter bottles of 7-UP in a punch bowl and Make Kool Aid Ice Cubes in various colors.

    Classic Fruit punch ( grape Kool Aid with pineapple, orange slices,grapes) add white wine to give a little kick…

    More Recipes

    The Foundation The End

    I love Kool Aid, I find it more refreshing  than any soda or carbonated beverage.   The foundation of a good drink is preparation.

    Kool Aid is a gelatin like substance.  For the best results dissolve the package in a few ounces of hot water* before adding cold water and ice.

    Kool Aid like soda, has a lot of sugar and should not be apart your daily diet.

    Kool Aid today Kool Aid forever.





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