American Boomers Baffled By US Soccer Craze


Sometime last week Ann Coulter said “No American whose great-grandfather was born here is watching soccer” now.      I’m not sure why I quoted the media hound, but she represents a large number of US baby boomers who are baffled by the interest in the world cup.

Ms Coulter’s who’s accuracy is less than 10% clearly haven’t followed the US ratings for the World Cup.  The television ratings for the games have been the best for a non-football event in the history of ESPN. Last weekend ABC saw record numbers.

Much of increase in US viewer is due to the timezone.  Brazil is four hours ahead of Sacramento.  The last World cup was held in South Africa 15 hours ahead which meant you watched it in the middle of the night. Before Brazil they games where held in Germany, South Korea and France.  The site of the next World Cup is Russia in 2018.

Booming Change What da Heck? 

Many boomers struggle watching the games, understanding the rules, and what do you mean they can end in a tie? Where are the extra innings, overtime? Hell what is the hubbub?    Many Boomers grumble, it will never catch on here, its too slow, its un-american…..

We where reared on Cracker Jacks and Wheaties, where your fought to the death and it didn’t matter how long it took,as long as there was a victor at the end dammit!

Well my fellow Boomers, back in mid to late nineties, the term Soccer Mom was invented. The term applied to suburban moms carting their children to games in their mini vans.  Well that was so the nineties,and most of those children raised on cheese snacks and juice in a box, are adults now. Your children and their children are up late or watching re-broadcasts of soccer games.

Glory Glory, Sacramento

There are several Soccer leagues in the US.

Currently, the  hottest sports ticket in Sacramento, is for the “Sacramento Republic FC” one of 14  Soccer teams in the USL Pro League.  The capacity at Bonney Field is 8000,  the team had sold more than 5,000 season tickets .

Is this the Beginning or will we tune out? 

USA lost the Belgium yesterday.  American interest in the games are expected to drop ,

ESPN and Fox plan to invest $600 million into Soccer, giving it the money and exposure it needs to expand.

So Boomers, in a year or two you may find yourself talking soccer.

You’ve seen the American fans on TV.  Experience it live, at Bonney Field located in Cal Expo.


4 thoughts on “American Boomers Baffled By US Soccer Craze

  1. I would be surprised if the ratings dropped that much after all it is a great game and the final should be amazing.
    Wait until the amazing game of Hurling hits your side of the world, it is like Ice hockey without the ice.


    1. Agreed……
      The fact the sport is growing with little TV/Radio Support is promising. $600 million may be a (no pun) could be a game changer.

      Maria Matthews…… Thanks for Writing


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