“How did all those Coach wallets get in there? Channel 40’s anchor Sabrina Rodriguez will explain on August 29th

By: CityFella,

Last Thursday,Channel 40 anchor Sabrina Rodriguez turned herself in to Folsom Police after a warrant was issued. For grand theft, burglary and conspiracy charges.

According to documents, on March 24,2013. Rodriguez aided  an accomplice in the theft of 10 wallets valued at $2500 from a Coach outlet store in Folsom.

Employees at the Coach store recognized Rodriguez as an anchor at a local television station, police said.

Her attorney maintains, she is 100% innocent.   She is out on 10,000 bond and has taken voluntary leave of absence from the station.

Bright Lights and Surveillance Video

“Rodriguez is then observed picking up, and shaking a wallet at Nicholas Gray.”

“As Rodriguez, turned away, Gray took the wallets off of the stand and placed them in his bag

“Gray… placed them in a “Faraday bag” designed to defeat store security sensors…”

“It appears Rodriguez is selecting wallets and helping conceal the actions of Gray…”

Who is Nicholas Gray?

Last May, a fire broke out at the South Sacramento home she shared with fiance, Nicholas Gray.

A fire department spokesman, said the couple were extremely lucky to get out.  The couple believed the stove exploded. One firefighter,was injured at the scene.

A few months later,Nicholas Gray was arrested and booked into Sacramento County Jail on charges of arson(in connection with the May 6 fire) battery, manufacturing meth and possession of marijuana or hashish for sale. His bail was set at $600,000.

Gray is accused of trying to make a concentrated form of marijuana called honey oil, when butane (which is used in the process of making honey oil) ignited, causing an explosion that burned down the home, according to court documents.

Nicholas Grey (Photo KCRA)


Those Pesky Text Messages (You delete them but they never die)

In February 2013, Gray texted Rodriguez: “I got 8 $350 cashmere sweaters plus skirt I got rent.”

On March 13, 2013, Gray again texted Rodriguez: “Outta Vacaville. So easy. BCBG re arranged the store. So I got 100 dlr purses.”

After several texts about logistics concerning how he’ll get home, Rodriguez replies: “Awesome. I love when a plan comes together.”

March 24, 2013, a witness reported seeing Gray walk out of the Coach Outlet in Folsom with stolen wallets. Rodriguez admitted to police to being in the store with Gray, but claimed to know nothing.

August 29th,2014 she gets to tell her side of the story in Sacramento Superior Court .



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