Chairs 2 Men? – Its Freaky Friday, August 15th, 2015





Warning, this is short and Graphic

Seattle Washington


What do you get, when you mix an intoxicated woman,commando in a short dress? 


A  woman who humps lawn chairs.

Imagine looking out your window and finding a woman in short skirt and no visible underwear grinding on your lawn furniture.

Meet 33 year old Sila Hans, who chose a Seattle house at random and  performed unnatural acts on lawn chairs.   She reportedly grinded on chairs (which I’m sure have been burned by now) and occasionally smacked her genitals.

This performance was on the front lawn and witnessed by woman and her two children 11 and 15 in the front window of their home.   Who reportedly saw her bottom and vagina.

The arresting officer, said  she was “displaying erratic behavior”.  Hans was arrested for  indecent exposure.