Assuming and preparing for the Worse: Michael Brown and the Ferguson Police Department

By CityFella,

Ferguson, Missouri is a suburb of nearly 22,000 people. The 6.20 square mile city located in St Louis County is a 20 min drive to Downtown St Louis.   67% of the populations is Black.

Sometime after noon on Saturday, August 9th,2014 ,  A police officer  stopped  Michael Brown and his friend because they were walking  in the street.

The officer said a struggle ensued (Brown went after his gun) and an unarmed Michael Brown was shot and killed on the 2900 block of Canfield Drive.

At a press conference on Friday. The face or order in Ferguson, Missouri.  Police Chief  Thomas Jackson announced the name of the officer responsible for shooting Michael Brown, Darren Wilson a six year veteran of the force.    As Chief Jackson, made the announcement, pictures from a security camera showing an alleged robbery incident  was circulated to members of the press followed by a surveillance video of the incident.

A stunned media, asked if there was a connection?  Jackson said,  the stop was “unrelated” to Wilson’s contact with Brown,  He said video of the convenience store incident was released in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.

“The initial contact between Darren Wilson and Mike Brown was not related to the alleged theft of cigars,” Jackson said, indicating Wilson did not know Brown was a suspect in the robbery.


It does appear Michael Brown the man in the video.  As the two sides being to build there cases, we may learn of other misdeeds and questionable character flaws of this 18 year old.   As despicable as it is,this is not uncommon in law.

What we do know from witnesses so far, he was unarmed.  These witnesses also say he was shot as he was walking away with his hands in the air.  If the autopsy indicates he was shot in the back, the road will be long for Officer Wilson and the Ferguson Police Department, who has a very negative history with the city’s black community.

The world saw a renegade police department, not protecting, attempting to control, its citizens and the media. Lost in the chaos, was the City’s Mayor(Who?) and the states Governor, who came forward after scenes and the actions of  Ferguson’s renegade police department went global.

Using history, one can often predict the future.

In this country, Black and Brown lives have little value.   Witnesses say, Michael Brown body laid in the street for hours, this isn’t a rural area, Its 20 minutes to downtown St Louis.

Using history, should the autopsy reveal, Brown was indeed murdered.  Officer Wilson will go to jail and he will receive less time then most Black and Latino males receive for selling drugs on the street.








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