MITCHELL BARKSDALE SHOOTOUT: Louis Mitchell-Lonnie Mitchell-James Leo Carney GUILTY!

An ongoing fight between two gangs culminated on December 10, 2014 when a fight than began inside Fly Cuts and Styles Barbershop  spilled outside the strip mall on Stockton Blvd.  Caught in the middle was Monique Nelson who went to the strip mall to have Christmas pictures taken of her son at a photo store near the barbershop

Monique, who was strapping her son Jayden inside his car seat when the gunfight was killed as She laid over her son to shield him, her son, now 6 was unharmed. 

20 year old Marvion Barksdale died a few days after the shooting. Five other men were injured in the gunfight.

The Sacramento District Attorney believes they were all guilty. However, after a few days of deliberation a Sacramento jury found two of the four men 22 year old Louis James Mitchell and his brother 27 year old Lonnie Orland Mitchell Jr guilty of first degree murder.  The jury found the brothers Lonnie and Louis Mitchell guilty of first-degree murder based on the mindset and the kind of guns (AK-47 and a TEC-9 )they brought into Fly Cuts & Styles

35 year old James Leo Carney. was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and the use of a firearm.  The fourth man, 32 year old Larry Dean Jones, Jr. was found not guilty on all charges, the jury believe he fired in self defense.

Last year,Dominique Lott and Charles Barksdale pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and were sentenced to 21 years in prison.

James Leo Carney will return to court September 19th.  The Mitchell Brothers will be sentenced October 24.

The jury’s decision, doesn’t bring peace to Deborah Nelson, who believe they were all guilty in the death of her daughter. 


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