Nice Day for a Fight Wedding ( Nuptials Gone Wild!)

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By: Steve Myall/UK Mirror

A bride told this week how she was punched to the floor in her gown by a male guest from a rival wedding at a posh hotel. She suffered bruised cheeks, nose and eye sockets as a fight erupted with up to 12 revellers who refused to share the bar. But the 32-year-old teacher, who was apparently battered at Jacobean manor Fanhams Hall in Ware, Herts,( Britian) is not alone in having a Fight wedding


Earlier this month it was reported an accidental photo bomb of a wedding by a man collecting beach lounge chairs lead to a brawl between the man and the wedding party.

The Northwest Florida Daily News reported that members of the wedding party, including the bride, attacked the man who was removing his rental lounge chairs from a stretch of Panhandle beach, Florida, at the end of the day. The man accidentally showed up in the background of some wedding photos sparking a confrontation.

ReutersCape San Blas beach, Florida
Cape San Blas beach, Florida


In August 2012 a bride was attacked by a pit bull mix and its owner at her wedding reception.

Brittany Cortez said the alleged attacker, Joel Nevarez, was a troubled childhood friend who was invited to her reception at a Denver home.

She told KMGH-TV that he let the dog drag her around “like a rag doll” and punched her in the face and head with brass knuckles at the party early Sunday.

Police think Nevarez, who is wanted for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, may have fled to Mexico, where his mother lives.



n 2007 newly wed Mark Allerton and wife Teresa ended up grappling together in their hotel bridal suite and 33-year-old Mrs Allerton spiked her husband in the head with one of her stiletto heels.

Her 40-year-old oilman staggered husband down to the hotel desk with blood pouring from a puncture wound.

Police who also arrived found the bride, still in her wedding gown and tiara, surrounded by broken glass and power sockets which she had ripped from the wall in her rage.

However during a court case where Mrs Allerton admitted attacking her husband and vandalising the bridal suite at the Treetops Hotel in Aberdeen, it emerged the couple are still together and are trying to make their marriage work.

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Earlier this year police were called to wedding reception after massive fight broke out over pork pie.

The bride and groom were left stunned after up to 40 of their wedding guests were involved the mass brawl when the savoury snack was thrown across the room at the historic Harold Club, Bradford.

Despite police arriving to break up the ruck, the happy couple Wendy Carter and her fiance Ryan Barraclough, both 27, said they have now laughed it off, claiming: “You’ve got to expect a good punch up at a wedding.”

pork and chicken wedding pie 


In July as many as 300 people became involved in a massive brawl at a wedding in New Jersey that ended with two arrests.

Two off-duty police officers were working as bouncers and attempted to break up the fight but had to radioed for additional help to break up the crowd.

In 2012 two brides had their special day ruined when their wedding guests got into a massive, booze-fuelled brawl as two dueling wedding receptions came to blows.

And the fight ended in tragedy when one bride’s 57-year-old uncle died from a heart attack outside the Sheraton Mission Hill hotel in Philadelphia.

The fracas was caught on film by an irate guest, whose hotel stay was disturbed by the 2am commotion.

Local Philadelphia police can be seen charging into the reception with truncheons and pulling fighting wedding guests off each other.


A scuffle broke out between journalists and security guards following British actress Elizabeth Hurley’s Indian wedding to businessman Arun Nayar.

The fight started outside Mehrangarh fort, in Jodhpur, when reporters tried to block the celebrity couple’s Bentley as it entered the venue for a dinner.

Media were denied access to the events after a magazine bought rights to the couple’s wedding photos.

Indian security guards pushed the journalists from the car to let it enter the venue.

A security guard slapped a woman journalist while another female journalist slapped another guard.

Yet another guard pushed another female reporter out of the way.

British actress Elizabeth Hurley poses with husband Arun Nayar
British actress Elizabeth Hurley poses with husband Arun Nayar

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