Coach Gate: Sabrina Rodriguez wants to restore her name and reputation (video)

Nicholas Grey and Sabrina Rodriguez 

The  Sacramento County Court was filled with media and fans of the popular Emmy winning reporter yesterday.    Sabrina Rodriguez did not enter a plea in Judge  Gweon’s courtroom. She is charged with grand theft, burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime.

She thanks her fans and released this video via the Sacramento Bee


A Challenge


Her Attorney Mark Reichel says she is completely innocent.    The Sacramento District Attorney  feels confident about the case, filled with incriminating videos and text messages between Gray and Rodriquez.   She has reportedly hired a consult to rebuild her image.    The first causality in rebuilding that image , was her  fiancee and alleged partner in crime Nicholas Grey.

She Likes the Bad Boy

Although she has publicly severed ties with fiancee Nicholas Gray, the two are linked. Rodriguez is accused of helping Grey shoplift at the Coach Outlet in Folsom in March of last year. The picture above was taken last June in San Francisco at the Nor Cal Emmy’s

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Grey’ has quite a crime background, from manufacture of illegal marijuana concentrates, arson, drug dealing  to battery.  He loves crime, through the years he has boasted about his misdeeds.

Grey was arrested  last May in connect with an explosions at their South Sacramento home.   Rodriguez’s attorney, Mark Reichel, says his client “had no knowledge” of any illegal cannabis manufacturing going on at her home—even though marijuana plants were discovered in the couple’s garage, according to a source. (SN&R)

Unable to make bail, home for Grey is the Sacramento County Jail .   The next hearing for  Rodriquez is September 9th.


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