Dick without Jane


By CityFella

Dick without Jane, is Just Dick.

Dick sat in front of me in 32D. The flight from Philadelphia to Phoenix was over four hours.  While I didn’t know he was Just Dick, I sensed he would be a problem.

As soon as the plane reached 32,000 feet.  Just Dick slammed his seat on my unwilling knees in 33D

(Just Dick ,is too formal, why don’t we just call him Dick)

  After two hours Dick, turned around and complained about my 6.4 wide bodied frame. My knees was digging into his back. My discomfort didn’t faze him. HE was uncomfortable.

The empty seat to his right was not an option, only an instant amputation would suffice.

Three hours into the flight,Dick ‘s  five foot nine frame bounced  out of his seat in a rage, bringing a poor stewardess with him. Pointing at my trapped knees.

After walking up the aisle in the full flight, the stewardess pointed at the empty seat to his right, DICK ,WAS NOT HAPPY!.

Upon his move, to 32 C .  I reached over to  32D  and returned his former seat to its upright position.

I don’t really know if his name is Dick, it just seemed appropriate.

Smiling In Phoenix