RHOA: Season 7 episode 2 “No Moore Apollogies” Moore Tired, Shady Apollo

It’s Ovah?

After two seasons, two reunions, the Kenya-Apollo story maybe coming to an end.   I say maybe because Kenya Moore doesn’t have much of a story line and she may need to extend this tired tale for two more episodes.

Apollo is making amends before going to the big house. First stop (on camera) was Cynthia party (of course).  Apollo, admits he lied on Kenya.  They did not meet in Los Angeles, she did not offer orally entertain Apollo.  “I didn’t want to leave knowing I could have possibly hurt someone,” he said. “That’s not who I am as a person.”

Todd says he can’t support what Apollo did to Kenya’s reputation. Kandi says she won’t be able to look at Apollo the same way.   Kenya sort of accepts his apology  but wants one from his wifey, Phaedra.   (When was the last earthquake in Atlanta?)

Kenya still still holding on to Porsha’s beatdown and not being supported. Boo to the hoo.   Kenya should take her BF Brandon’s advice; You be the queen that you are and walk away. Gift wrap it and give it to God,”

Its showtime in Las Vegas (Zumanity,of Cirque Du Soleil ) for Nene, and not a single housewife is in the house and that may not be a bad thing cause Nene’s look isn’t a good thing.  Can someone say Yikes!

Remember When Mama Joyce was a sweet caring lady filled with love? 

Perhaps someone at Bravo is in her ear.   I haven’t called her “mama” in a couple of years.   MONSTER  Joyce, continues to be full of piss and gasoline.

Hey, Monster? your daughter is married, live with it.

Kandi, gave her mother her old home, Monster didn’t like it.  Sooo Kandi is buying her a seven bedroom home (complete with basketball court ) for “Monster” just down the street from them . El Stupido!

Todd, is a practical man.  How many people get free homes?   However, this is Kandi Inc. at the end of the day its her money and he’s be wiser to leave it all alone.    Monster visits, if she is not ignoring him, she is throwing all kinda shade.  Todd, asks her about decorating her new house.  Monster ignores him and  then asks him if he plans to buy his mom a house. Todd,diplomatically says his mom likes it in New  York.

In an conversation with Monster, Kandi says she’s trying to have a baby after a year’s try. Mama Joyce thinks Todd had a vasectomy, which is why they can’t conceive.   Now how does she know this ? She dreamed it.   That’s some kinda crazy!

Cynthia minus Nene  equals Kenya

47 year old Cynthia Bailey is a good looking woman.  She was featured in Ebony, and a party was held for her at Bar One. Only housewife’s there were (I say that loosely)  Kandi and Kenya. Peter was one proud husband. .  Still looking for her voice she may have found one through Kenya.  (Oh Lawd)

The newest housewife, Claudia Jordan, arrives at the party as a friend of Kenya.   While her appearance was very brief, she tossed out a little shade of her own  .When Kandi mentions that Porsha works at the same place as Claudia “The Rickey Smiley Show” “I’ve hung out with her,” a lil meow mix.

The kids aren’t alright

Not feeling Phaedra.  Yes Apollo hurt the family.  However, the father of her children will always be the father of her children . If she is the southern Belle  is who she  says she is, then she will go out of her way, to keep them in his life.   She is suggesting they wont see their father for the eight years he is in prison.

The kids can feel the tension. (One wonders what she says in front of the children)  When Apollo arrives at the dental office, their oldest son Aiden feels it as he enter the room he makes a anomalous sound.  Aiden wants to know why his father isn’t going to their home?    When their parents don’t speak to each other, the kid’s aren’t alright.


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