Megabus in Pictures : New York City

Why fuss, take the bus.   I am a major fan of MegaBus.  For those not familiar with MegaBus.  Its a high tech ,low frills mode of travel.  Unlike Greyhound, there are no brick and mortar stations.  No coffee shops,  no seating, you are exposed to the elements.

You have to purchase your tickets online. Usually four to five hours in advance.

These picture were taken on Oct 31, 2014, Halloween.   My journey took me from midtown Manhattan to Providence Rhode Island.  A four hour non stop ride.

The New York Location is on  West 34th and ll th Ave, across the street from the Javits Convention Center.  A few blocks from the Empire State Building.

From this outside location you can travel to Toronto to the north and to Birmingham Alabama to the South.

NycMega2014 051

The Megabus Stop in da Big Apple

2014-10-31 12.05.26

One is the loneliest  number CityFella bags

NycMega2014 057The South side of the Javits Center

NycMega2014 052The View to the West -Hudson River to  Weehawken, New Jersey

NycMega2014 053The Stop is shared with NYC Transit 

NycMega2014 060

  NycMega2014 059

Hundreds use this stop every single day.2014-10-31 12.41.23 2014-10-31 12.42.10

2014-10-31 12.45.02 The average age of the travelers is 18-35

(you gotta love the interaction here)

NycMega2014 058

The Buses are equipped with slow but usable WiFi and power outlets.  However on this day the Wi Fi on my bus didn’t work.

Being first has it perks and for me its front seats on the upper level these are random shots of midtown and uptown.   These pictures were taken between 3pm ad 3:30pm.

2014-10-31 14.13.10 2014-10-31 14.02.33 2014-10-31 14.07.55 NycMega2014 061 2014-10-31 14.19.04

2014-10-31 14.42.13 2014-10-31 14.43.07
2014-10-31 14.44.38 2014-10-31 14.44.51 2014-10-31 14.50.06 2014-10-31 14.51.43

Airline Travel is madding, security lines, stuffed planes.  I did something that I rarely do on planes. Sleep.  I slept nearly 4 hours until the bus arrived (on time) in downtown Providence.


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