RHOA: se7ep4 “Bury The Ratchet” Kandi’s Messy,Nene’s Funny and Kenya’s Crying

Last nights episode(4) was much improved.    We opened with Kandi and Todd discussing Kandi’s business.  Kandi is a powerhouse, a Grammy winning singer ,song writer, the owner of several businesses . Kandi could buy and sell all the women combined.  She could write a check for several million without breaking a sweat.

Hubby Todd, tells her hey, you got all those people on the payroll “and ain’t nothing getting done. Todd had many good points.  Kandi error was she allowed him tell her staff what they should be doing.  Todd told her he didn’t want to do it because he would look like an ass and he did.

He, the spouse of the owner, pissed people off.   She went after her manager Don Juan in front of everybody. He was naturally pissed and hurt.   Todd and Don Juan later met alone, Don Juan let Todd have it, towards the end of meeting all is right with the world.

Has Kandi always been Messy?

So far this season she is the messenger, making sure everyone knows what every one has said.   Case in point, she felt she owed Kenya Moore an apology for believing the lies Apollo told on her.    Had she’d put a period on it, the strings would have played, the two ladies would have had a tearful embrace.      Kandi isn’t into periods this season.   After she apologized to Kenya,  she needed to tell Kenya what the other ladies had to say, which sent a tearful Kenya to the rest room with Kandi following behind .

Time to spend a little time with the newest cast member Claudia Jordan who is running late on her new job on the Ricky Smiley Radio Show.   Not only is she late, but its “Paternity Tuesday” on the show.    At one point Claudia sees Porsha, who works on the TV side of the show getting made up.    Porsha was icy, Claudia thinks it may have something to due with her friendship with Kenya.

So far, I’m feeling Claudia, she seems real (Did I just say that?).  She meets up with Cynthia and Kenya at a shoe store, where she talks about her,not ready for prime time feet. ” I have snuggle toes”   At the store, Cynthia talks about her meeting with Porsha.   “It’s funny because I’m having my own issues with Porsha.” Claudia adds her two cents. In a weird turn, Kenya suggest she have a meeting with Porsha.

I love Bravo, one of the prerequisites of being on the show is spa day.  A place of relaxation, calm.  La la la la, la la la la, sure.    The spa’s have been the location of some of the best fights.

La la la la, Nene, La la la la, Phaedra, La la la la, Kandi and La la la laaaaaa, Porsha all together for a relaxing day at the spa, to catch up, to rip women to shreds.     Porsha tells her version on  how she had lunch with Cynthia last week and and how Cynthia tried to hide her emotions through a combination of full-face botox and a “robot read”:(I like that is that new “robot read”?) “Honey, that’s where you just sit there and go off the list that your husband told you to go off.”

In the confessional, Nene, did a fantastic funny robot.   Porsha she left out was an hour late for the meeting.

The women asked the status of Nene and Cynthia’s friendship and Nene says they’ll never be friends again.  Hmmm, this sounds familiar, names,names Sheree Whitfield, Kim  Zolciak, she would never,never,evah!

Kandi couldn’t remember the beef between Nene and Kenya, which Nene acts like is ridiculous, (I mean EVERYBODY KNOWS right?) not sure if Nene remembers as she says Kenya is just not a truthful person.  “One of the main things she lied about, we found out she really didn’t lie, though.” Oh, did you think that would matter, Kandi? Nene’s all, Nah, I’m sure Apollo was just lying about lying,

“So, he’s lying… about lying?” Kandi questions?   Nene thinks that Apollo just apologized to Kenya and told everyone he lied to hurt Phaedra.

Speaking of Apollo, he meets with Peter at a dead Bar One.   Peter asks what the deal with this whole adamantly lying to everyone for two years thing is.

Fasten your Seat belts  (pencils up)


Apollo : “When  Kenya mentioned the whole texting thing, I didn’t know where it was going. How am I going to get out of this and how will I turn this around to look better for me? Because now you put me in a situation where I can’t explain it… you think that me and you had something going one, so guess what? Let’s do it. You wanna turn it up? Let’s turn it up. So I did what I did, and I said what I said, and I ran to the bank with it. I cashed out.”

Huh? (pencils down)

They talk about his sentence (min 5 years) and that trips Peter out.    Apollo talks about some of his first meetings with Phaedra after coming out of jail.   He was living on an air mattress in a housing project and Phaedra was his “what evah can I do for you lady?

Apollo give us a brief insight of their relationship.   Peter feels Phaedra is being disloyal and Apollo confirmed ,she wont be bringing the children to prison to visit him.  Apollo has been living nearly anywhere but home.   Peter gently rips into Apollo, “you need to be home with your boys.

Phaedra knew what she married and now she’s surprised?  That may play on Family Feud..  To keep the boys from their father may haunt her when their older.

The Claudia Kenya Meeting

The setting, a booth at a Restaurant.  Claudia doesn’t waste time.   She tells Porsha that she noticed a new coldness to her behavior toward her and she’s wondering if it’s because Porsha found out Claudia is friends with Kenya.   Porsha (who may have spent too much time with Apollo) comes back:  “We are both being paid for, y’know, our intellectual, y’know, mind frame and our life, and our opinion on your life and your life.  (say it with me, HUH?)

Claudia wants to make it right between her and Kenya and Claudia.  (Ah, clearly she has watched Bravo’s can’t we all be friends? )  She says she’d love to facilitate a meeting “between two sistas.” (really now?)

Porsha just puts on lotion until Claudia stops talking about it. Literally… just puts on lotion and tells Claudia to smell it.(okay everybody-clear?-  Shut up bitch, you ain’t  got nothing to do with this and I’m not talking about it-SMELL!!)

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